Candidate Survey: Bill Dotson for Delegate, District 28

William Dotson


Office Sought and District
State delegate

2 years college

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Business owner

Political Experience
Central committee chairman


Social Media Accounts

Why are you running for office?
Bring state funds to Charles County and help change MD

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
Senator Mike Lee. A constitutional conservative

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
The lost constitution. The origin of our Constitution

What will be your top priority in the General Assembly?
Traffic funding charles county

What is the biggest issue facing your district?

What are the three biggest issues facing Maryland?
High taxes. Transportation. Opioid

What is your position on life issues? (abortion, assisted suicide)
Property life.

What is your position on taxes and spending?
No new taxes.

What is your position on gun rights?
Strong 2A supporter

What is your position on education?
Every child should have world class education

What is your position on the legalization of marijuana?

What is your position on the current three-tiered system for the sale and distribution of alcohol?
I would support the craft beer industry

Legislators can receive $101 per day for lodging and $47 per day for meals during the 90-day General Assembly session. If elected, do you plan to accept these benefits? Why or why not?
I would accept

There is a culture of depravity and sexual harassment prevalent in the Maryland General Assembly. As a legislator, how will you work to end this culture of depravity and to ensure that those who commit these acts are removed from the General Assembly?
By example and prosecution of anyone who acts illegally

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