What Else Should We Require?

You’ve no doubt heard by now that the Maryland State Senate had another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome the other night:

The Maryland Senate on Monday night passed a bill to require president and vice presidential candidates to release their tax returns if they wish to appear on the state’s ballots.

The move, a direct assault on President Donald Trump, drew harsh criticism from Republicans and some Democrats.

“Show me in the Constitution where it says that’s a qualification for being president of the United States,” said Sen. James Brochin, a Baltimore County Democrat. “We can’t go along and make up rules when we don’t like the president of the United States.”

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The chamber voted 28-17 to pass the measure, meaning it got the support of all but four Democrats — Brochin, Sen. James DeGrange, Sen. Katherine Klausmeier and Sen. James Mathias.

The bill passed despite two attempts, from Brochin and Minority Whip Stephen Hershey, to delay a vote to a later date. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller rejected both.

“This is the most childish bill that I’ve ever seen and I’m embarrassed that it’s on the floor,” Hershey said.

As you can tell, this straight party-line vote of rabid zealots who have nothing better to do is the kind of knuckle-headed virtue-signaling nonsense that shows how grossly out of touch the radicalized left-wing base of the Maryland Democratic Party is.

You’ll note by the way that two of the Democratic Senators who voted against it, Klausmeier and Mathias, are facing competitive Republican challengers this year.

This bill, of course, is mind-numbingly stupid and painfully unconstitutional (though with this group of Democratic State Senators they have never let things like constitutionality stop them from trying stuff before). It shows that the Democrats in the General Assembly would rather sit around and act like the SGA as opposed to working to fix real problems that the people of the State of Maryland are dealing with.

But hey, maybe Paul Pinsky is on to something. Maybe he should amend his bill and include some additional qualifications to qualify for the ballot here in Maryland. Maybe Presidential candidates should have to:

  • List the date, amount, and purpose of every charitable contribution they have made in the past five years;
  • Disclose their Uber or Lyft ratings;
  • Release a detailed history of every library book they’ve checked out in the past five years;
  • To demonstrate their military prowess, play Call of Duty on a special show broadcast on Maryland Public Television;
  • Show they know how to balance a checkbook;
  • Release their credit score;
  • Share their Netflix queue;
  • List every podcast they subscribe to;
  • Explain ways they disagree with the most recent list of top 500 wrestlers published by Pro Wrestling Illustrated;
  • Answer if they have ever not washed their hands coming out of a public restroom while hooked up to a polygraph;
  • Provide the time of their last half-marathon, or run a half-marathon before the filing deadline;
  • Demonstrate the ability to get from the left lane of the Beltway to the right lane of the exit for I-83 north in rush hour in half-a-mile or less;

While those suggestions may sound silly, they are constitutionally valid as what Paul Pinksy’s Pinheads are trying to accomplish here.

A better idea might be for the House of Delegates to amend this cockamamie bill. Because you see, these legislators had the opportunity to amend the bill to require candidates for the General Assembly to release their tax returns before appearing on the ballot. But obviously, they have no interest in that. Because this bill is about partisan jabs and the Democrats continuing Trump obsession and not about governing the state in a way that is beneficial to the people of Maryland.

The House should put this bill in a drawer and it should never be spoken of again.

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