Weapons-Grade Insanity from Catherine Pugh

The talk of the state, and really the talk of the nation, right now is once again focused on what happened in Baltimore.

Just so we are clear here, Mayor Catherine Pugh announced that she intends to use money from the Baltimore City Budget, money that is contributed by the taxpayers of Baltimore City and (often) the state of Maryland, to fund the attendance of Baltimore City school students to the so-called “March for Our Lives” in Washington on March 24th.

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Let’s say that again: Catherine Pugh wants to use city tax dollars to send schools students to a radical left-wing political rally in support of the Democratic Party.

Incidentally, she made these remarks after students walked out of class and marched on City Hall today.

There’s a lot going on here that is disgusting, disturbing, and disheartening if you are somebody who believes in the responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

  1. Catherine Pugh is trying to weaponize the Baltimore City school system. She wants to leverage the schools to send public school students to a partisan rally.
  2. Catherine Pugh is trying to use city resources to help prop up the fledgling Democratic Party efforts toward radical gun control. Using taxpayer funds to prop up the chances of a political party are unethical, illegal, and immoral.
  3. Catherine Pugh is showing that, much like most of her predecessors, her priorities are in politics and not city governance. While the $100,000 that she intends to spend on this project cannot solve all of the city’s ills, just think about the things that she thought were a lower priority than this rally, like the schools that had no heating, like teacher pay, like public safety.

The one thing that is relatively humorous about this is that, as reported by the Sun, the organizers of today’s walkout are not buying what Pugh is selling:

The student organizers from Friends said they were disappointed with the mayor’s response and her plan to spend money on transporting students to the March 24 march in Washington. The students said they wanted Pugh to focus on action to make Baltimore schools safer and better, such as spending money to improve school infrastructure.

“Spending money on lunches and t-shirts is not going to protect students,” said Friends senior Carrie Zaremba.

This story is one of those “only in Baltimore” stories. After 50+ years of Democratic mismanagement of Baltimore City you start to think that you’ve seen it all. And then Catherine Pugh comes along and does this, a move so reckless, so irresponsible, and so politically charged that it fails to meet even the pathetically low expectations of behavior that you have for Baltimore City government.

There is never a time in which taxpayer funds should be used to push a partisan agenda, regardless of the party. That Pugh is ready, willing, and able to use taxpayer funds to aid and abet a left-wing partisan rally that is based on lies, deceit, and rampant radicalism shows just how little regard Baltimore City government has for its people and how little respect it has for the responsibilities that have been entrusted to it.

Catherine Pugh’s actions are weapons-grade insanity. And if she goes through with her plan to fund student trips to this rally, then Catherine Pugh should be referred to the State Prosecutor for Misconduct in Office.

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