Good for the Goose, Not the Gander

Last week the out-of-touch leftists at The Seventh State ran a fanciful story accusing Republicans of “Dirty Pool”  and recruiting a primary challenger to State Senator Katherine Klausmeier. The whole thing reads like a fever dream concocted while on an acid trip, and at no juncture does evidence seem to play any part in author David Lublin’s screed.

Things got interesting earlier this week when Bethesda Beat reported that something similar happened on the Democratic side of the house in Montgomery County;

Del. Jeff Waldstreicher has been accused by a local candidate of trying to entice her to join the District 18 state Senate race to potentially make the race more difficult for Waldstreicher’s primary challenger, Dana Beyer.

Helga Luest, who is running for one of three District 18 delegate seats, posted Friday on Facebook that in December Waldstreicher (D-Kensington) suggested she do him a “favor” by joining the Senate race instead of running for a delegate seat.

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“I was shocked, offended, and felt disrespected,” Luest wrote on Facebook. “The request—presumably made to split the vote and make it tougher for his then only opponent, Dana Beyer— wasn’t a joke and neither of us laughed.”

You would think these would be the perfect story for the Montgomery County-based Lublin; but according to the candidate, he took a walk on the story and refused to publish it. That’s similar to what Lublin told Bethesda Beat;

After the Seventh State post ran, Luest said she reached out to David Lublin, who wrote the blog post. She said she told him about Waldstreicher’s suggestion she enter the Senate race.

Lublin said Monday he tried to learn more about the alleged political maneuvering, but Waldstreicher would not comment on the record to him about Luest’s allegation.

Are you noticing that any similarities here? Are you confused? You aren’t the only one. Lublin and Seventh State ran a story accusing Republicans of dirty politics in a district thirty miles from his home with absolutely no supporting evidence. But when he had evidence about a female candidate in his own county being asked to jump into a Senate race to split the vote, Lublin took a pass on it.

I’m sure that Lublin having been a donor to Waldstreicher’s campaign in the past had absolutely nothing to do with it, right?

Lublin’s cop-out answer as to why he went back on his word and didn’t publish a story is particularly vapid. Blaming Waldstreicher’s lack of comment on his lack of story doesn’t check out when you consider that in Lublin’s original story there isn’t a direect quote from anybody involved in the story.

Certianly sounds like Lublin’s trying to cover for Waldstreicher here and try to gloss over the fact that Waldstreicher was trying to play identity politics in this particular primary.

Regardless of your thoughts on this, it’s important to note that absolutely gross hypocrisy from Lublin and The Seventh State on this. That Lublin is willing to create out of whole cloth fanciful conspiracy theories out of whole cloth with zero evidence in one district while simultaneously choosing to ignore an actually documented instance of the exact same behavior in another district shows that their credibility isn’t exactly what they pretend it is. While Lublin et al. are more than allowed to play favorites in internecine Democratic politics it’s very clear that for Lublin politics, and not principles, are the driving force.



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