Follow-Up: Mila Johns Responds

Democratic candidate for Delegate Mila Johns has responded to our piece from Saturday detailing her record.

We present her response verbatim:

It is true that I got a DUI nearly a decade ago. I made a grave error of judgement and decided to move my car a couple of blocks when I should not have been behind the wheel. It is the greatest mistake I have made, and I have never tried to deny or hide it.   On the contrary, the experience made me profoundly engaged in setting a good example of learning from bad decision making, with young professionals in my field as well as with other young people. We see an ever growing number of DUIs in our county and as the parent of a young woman who will soon be getting behind the wheel, I am constantly focused on keeping our streets and our children safe. Having personally experienced how easy it is to cross the legal limit without realizing it, I am constantly engaged in educating others – and urging them to take public transportation or find another alternative if they have had anything to drink.

The peace order is the result of my attempts to press assault charges against an abusive ex. One of the most common tactics of abusers in Maryland is to file a counter-claim against a victim who has filed charges against them, in this case, a retaliatory Peace Order – it is Intimidation 101. That was what happened to me. I could easily have simply agreed to the PO he requested against me in retaliation, but I refused to admit to something I hadn’t done. I did this as a matter of principle, and it offends me deeply that anyone would try and use this to impugn my character for political reasons. Victims of violence everywhere deserve society’s support – not to be maligned by cheap political pundits.

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As for the expired plates, my husband’s a moron and I happened to be driving his car. Have him on the show and he can explain himself!


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