Candidate Survey: Richard Lewandowski for Cecil County Council, District 2

Richard Lewandowski


Office Sought and District
County Council Cecil County MD Dstr2

St marks High School ’87 University of De ’87-’91 no degree

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Owner General Contracting Company

Political Experience
past company legislative representative for national pest mngt association

Website under development

Social Media Accounts
Face book page under development

Why are you running for office?
current republican representation is not reflective or consistent with conservative core principles.

Who do you consider your political role model, and why?
Ronald Reagan, he approach was at the core common sense and passion.

What is your favorite book about politics and policy, and why?
I do not have one. My beliefs are based on my life, and the life my father and mentors aided me with in what this country means to them and what should be expected.

What will be your top priority in elected to this position?
A proper stewardship and true check and balance system of taxpayer money

What is the biggest issue facing your county?
The “good old boy” mentality. There are to many examples of conflicts of interest and lack of accountability for proper spending of the county taxpayers money

What is your position on taxes and spending?
I can not see supporting increases in taxes ans spending without a true financial forensics of our current spending.

What is your position on a county tax cap?
My position will be based on the input of the county residents and taxpayers.

What is your position on land use issues?
My position would be situational but based on the facts that it must equally address economic growth and development, as well as private property rights,

What is your position on public safety?
Public Safety is at the core of so much of the focus on county success. if people feel safe they will reside in the county. If they feel and are safe they will be strong consumers in the county. If we have strong consumers in the county, business will come to the county to provide goods and services. If businesses have strong, safe and confident customers the will grow and now provide jobs in the county. Public that feels safe to live and work in their county will not only attract success and growth, it will demand it.

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