Who Are These People?

Last Friday in the Capital, I wrote:

Not one of the other Democratic candidates has been able to get somebody to agree to be their No. 2. This is indicative of how not one of the Democratic candidates looks like they have a chance to beat Gov. Larry Hogan in this November’s general election. None of the candidates have the popularity, appeal or campaign apparatus to knock out the incumbent.

And potential candidates for lieutenant governor know this. Many running mates over the years have come from the ranks of the General Assembly, but this time no legislators seem willing to grab for the brass ring and sign on with a ticket. And why should they? Why would any aspiring legislator give up on their likely re-election to be the running mate of a candidate who can’t even clear the field in their own primary?

Since then, some candidates have found running mates, but it isn’t exactly an all-star lineup.  The running mates at this point are:

  • Rushern Baker picked Elizabeth Embry, who earned a whopping 11.7% of the vote in the Democratic primary when she ran for Mayor of Baltimore in 2016;
  • Ralph Jaffe picked his wife;
  • Ben Jealous picked  a candidate with no political experience except shaking down corporate donors to help fund the Democrats cronyist machine;
  • Rich Madaleno picked an obscure former secretary of a non-cabinet department;
  • Alec Ross picked a brewer, Julie Verratti;
  • Jim Shea, amazingly, picked an actual, honest-to-god elected official in Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott;

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Two candidates haven’t picked a candidate yet; Krish Vignarajah (since she almost certainly won’t qualify for the ballot) and Kevin Kamenetz (who has basically been running for three years and still can’t get somebody to say yes).

The inability for Democratic gubernatorial candidates to find qualified candidates for Lieutenant Governor shows once again the weakness of the Democratic field of gubernatorial candidates, the lack of confidence members of the General Assembly have in the Democratic candidates for Governor, and the absolute lack of depth on the Democratic bench. It is very apparent that not only do Democrats not have the confidence that any of their candidates will be able to beat Governor Larry Hogan after surviving the Democratic primary, but that the Democrats lack the talent across the board to find qualified candidates to run for Lt. Governor.

The fact that Jim Shea, of all the Democratic candidates, has unveiled the most qualified candidate for Lt. Governor so far in this cycle shows how bizarre this election cycle has been and how much of a dire situation the Democratic candidates are truly in.

When voters finally see the full tickets that are being offered by the Democrats, the only thing they are going to say is: who?

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