Partisan DLS Analyst Commits Major Gaffe

Partisan DLS Analyst Commits Major Gaffe

In politics, the definition of a gaffe is when a truth is admitted, an obvious truth that is not supposed to be admitted.

At Friday’s House Appropriation Committee, Steve McCulloch an analyst for the allegedly “nonpartisan” Department of Legislative Services committed a huge gaffe.

The Department of Legislative Services, which is now run by the former chief-of-staff for Senate President Mike Miller, is proposing that the legislature withhold project-planning funds from the Maryland Department of Transportation in order to have a greater say in the project.

In a response to a question from Delegate Tony McConkey McCulloch admitted that the General Assembly’s newly found need to have a say in public-private partnership (P3) transportation projects, like Governor Hogan’s congestion relief plan for I-495 and I270, is motivated by partisanship.

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The original law the General Assembly adopted in 2013 to move the Purple Line forward only provided them a 45-day comment period for any P3 projects. Naturally, they were all too happy to cede their authority to Martin O’Malley and they (incorrectly)assumed, Anthony Brown.

The Democratic majority never imagined a Republican Governor would use the P3 vehicle to provide much-needed congestion relief to Maryland motorists.

Asked by McConkey why the General Assembly didn’t reserve power over P3 projects in the original bill, McCulloch responded: “things change, parties change.”

Here’s a video of the entire exchange.

We’ll repeat that again for effect. The analyst for the allegedly “nonpartisan” legislative services said “parties change,” in response to why the General Assembly should now reverse course under a Republican Governor on a policy that they enacted under a Democratic Governor.

We’re not surprised by the rank hypocrisy of the Democratic machine here. We are well aware that when it comes to power they know no shame and that the Democratic culture of corruption knows no end. Nor are we surprised that the DLS, now under left-wing partisan leadership, is engaging in the same type of partisan shenanigans that we predicted were coming back in December.

What is interesting and amusing here is that the Democrats are positioning themselves as the obstacles to transformative road projects that will provide relief from traffic congestion and long commutes. That’s something that the voters of Maryland are going to remember in November.

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