Maryland Libertarian Senate Candidate Needs Help

The Maryland Libertarian Party’s attempt to be relevant in state politics suffered a blow this week when it became public that one of their candidates said some absolutely inane stuff.

Arvin Vohra, the Libertarian Party’s national Vice-Chairman and candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, said some absolutely asinine things as reported by Reason’s Matt Welch:

Vohra had generated a ton of social networking controversy for some remarks on Facebook. A sampling:

If a 14 year old has a kid, I would prefer the other person to be an adult, with a job….Statist Logic: “Teenagers cannot consent to sex.” “It is totally okay to force teenagers into useless government schools against their wills.” Government schools do a thousand timesmore damage to teenagers than consensually dating adults ever possibly could. Nonconsensual brainwashing masquerading as education is far more damaging than, for example, young marriage….

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Should a man be allowed to have sex with another man? Only the two men in question should have a say. Should an adult be allowed to have sex with a teenager? Only the adult, the teenager, and their families/culture should have a say. There is no reason to bring government into it.

Vohra also condemned all soldiers as paid killers and all public school teachers as supervisors of indoctrination camps.

So the Maryland Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Arvin Vorham thinks that pedophilia is perfectly acceptable, that members of the military are basically soldiers of fortune, and that teachers are little more than propagandists for the state. Arvin Vorha clearly needs to buy a clue.

Even more inexplicably, Vorha actually managed to make himself look like an even bigger doofus while trying to defend himself:

My “crimes” so far include failing to sufficiently worship those who carry out the foreign and educational policies I find ineffective and morally abhorrent. I know that the prevailing attitude among the less sophisticated parts of America is that the federal government’s soldiers and government school teachers are “heroes”, against the evidence of their actual actions. I consider it part of my responsibility to work to change that.

My other “crime”: daring to suggest that age of consent laws should not exist, at least in their current form. As a believer in individual self determination, and a very open anarchist, this position should hardly be surprising. I don’t think government should have any involvement in sex, period. I also don’t think government should exist at all.

The Maryland Libertarian Party is already a fringe element in Maryland politics. They tend not to poll well during elections and often when you hear about them it’s when they are on the wrong side of an issue, such as when they came out in support of government intervention in the termination of life through their support of assisted suicide. Heck, even the advances in libertarian philosophy that have been made in Maryland have been made by Republicans. So the last thing the Maryland Libertarian Party needs is to have a US Senate candidate like Arvin Vorha, who through these comments has come out as somebody without the moral character to serve in any public office, including the office that he has now as the Vice-Chairman of a national party.

To date, the Maryland Libertarian Party has made no comment as it relates to Vorha or his comments. In order for the Maryland Libertarian Party to be taken seriously, they need to disassociate themselves from Vorha’s comments and remove Arvin Vorha as candidate for any office in 2018. Vorha’s comments are morally bankrupt and his comments are not representative of any person of any political party that should be serving in any office of public trust. Hopefully, Arvin Vorha gets the counseling he needs to be a productive member of society, because it’s very clear through his statements about kids, soldiers, and teachers that he is in need of significant assistance.

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