Jokers Wild on the Baltimore City Council

Unbeknownst to most people the Baltimore City Council has solved all of the city’s problems. At least that’s what one might be able to learn from the news coming out of the Council today.

The first big news was related to sugary drinks:

A Baltimore City Council committee voted Tuesday morning to support a bill that would bar restaurants from including sodas and other sugary drinks in kids meals, a move< supporters say could improve children’s health.

Under the proposed measure, city restaurants would be required to offer water, milk or real fruit juice on children’s menus. They would still be allowed to serve soda to children if accompanying adults order it.

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An advocacy group called Sugar Free Kids said the measure could help reduce the amount of sugar in childrens’ diets.

You will immediately notice that the bill has absolutely no teeth considering that virtually every kid’s meal is ordered by an adult and, therefore, the adult could order the soda on behalf of the child.

If that wasn’t scintillating enough for you, let’s instead talk about styrofoam:

A Baltimore City Council committee voted Tuesday morning to advance a ban on polystyrene foam food and drink containers, setting up the environmental measure for likely final passage in coming weeks.

The idea of a ban has been considered before but failed to advance. The current version waited many months to get a hearing, but began moving forward last week.

Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke credited new council members elected in 2016 for the change in the measure’s prospects.

“These new people, they sure get things done,” Clarke said.

Clarke, who has been on the council most of the last 43 years, sure has an interesting definition of “get things done.”

The real kicker of the story is this:

The committee also committed to taking up amendments in front of the full council. One proposes to exempt meat packing plants and prepackaged food sold in supermarkets from the ban. Another would eliminate the possibility of jail time for violators.

You read that correctly; a  Baltimore City Council committee, by unanimous vote, passed a bill that would potentially put violators of an ordinance banning the use of styrofoam packaging in jail.

In a city that just made national news by not having a homicide for almost two weeks, in a city where education is mismanaged by inept bureaucrats, in a city where students were going to schools in freezing classrooms and nobody thought much of it, in a city where police corruption just was put on trial, in a city where people are seriously calling for a discussion about dissolving the police department in order to start over again, in a city where people are leaving for the suburbs in droves, and in a city with a host of other problems, the City Council is focusing on soda and styrofoam.

If this doesn’t make you angry, it should.

Let’s not forget that this has been a sad trend of Baltimore City over the years. Remember when plastic bags were their obsession? What about the focus on building a hotel?

Why does city government always fall into this trap? Do elected officials in Baltimore City feel powerless to fix real problems? Are they as delusional to believe that these laws are going to make a fundamental difference in the lives of city residents? Or are there merely trying to pass legislation, like so many do, in order to justify their massive salaries for what amounts to part-time work.

Since the City Council and City Democrats have been engineering a 50-year war on Baltimore that is still ongoing, maybe they should consider dissolving city government and starting that over, too.

In all seriousness, the focus on these trivial issues by the jokers on the Baltimore City Council shows how little regard Councilmemebers have for the people of the city. Instead of trying to make Baltimore a better place to live, a better place to work, and a better place to raise a family, they are instead focusing all of their energy on cosmetic issues that make their bourgeois, ultraliberal donor base and party activists happy. By doing so they are ignoring the city residents who are doing most of the working, the learning, the living, and the dying in a city that desperately needs its leadership to care about it. But as we know, the members of the City Council don’t care one bit about Baltimore, its residents, or its future. Because if they did, they would be focusing their attention on issues like crime, taxes, education, and real business development as opposed to what beverages kids drink and what containers their food comes in. While this level of micromanagement and infringement of liberty may make a handful of people feel better and may be of some value in some tony hamlet somewhere, it’s not going to fix what ails Baltimore. And from the looks of their actions and the makeup of the priorities, the jokers on the Baltimore City Councl are ill-equipped to do what it takes to make Baltimore better.

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