Do Fellow Democrats Agree with Chelsea Manning’s Latest Statement?

Senate candidate Chelsea Manning said some absolutely bizarre things on Twitter (again) today.

For those of you keeping score at home, Manning literally wants to upend our entire system of government and replace it with….well, who really knows.

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Manning expounded (to put it generously) on this in a follow-up Tweet.

One individual who responded to Manning’s tweet put it very succinctly.

Manning’s tweets today certainly give credence to the idea that her Senate campaign is nothing more than a publicity stunt that is designed to stretch out the remainder of her 15 minutes. There aren’t a lot of jobs out there for traitors.

However, whether she’s a serious one or not, Manning is a candidate that’s on the ballot for the United States Senate, and she is challenging incumbent Ben Cardin in the Democratic Primary. So the question that we have to ask is this; does Ben Cardin agree with fellow Democrat Chelsea Manning’s statement that the office of the Presidency should be abolished? Do other Democrats, who share the same party affiliation as Manning, agree with her statement?

Democrats so far have skated by without having to answer for the bonkers things that the traitor Manning says. But at some point, Maryland Democrats are going to need to decide if they support the traitor and anarchist they have allowed into their midsts or not. If they don’t speak out, we know where they stand.

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