Democrats and Heroin Houses

It looks like Senate Democrats are poised to bring heroin to a neighborhood near you.

Last night the Senate Finance committee gave a favorable recommendation to Senate Bill 288. The synopsis of the bill states:

Authorizing the establishment of an Overdose and Infectious Disease Prevention Supervised Drug Consumption Facility Program by a community-based organization to provide a place for the consumption of preobtained drugs, provide sterile needles, administer first aid as needed, and provide certain other services; requiring the Maryland Department of Health, in consultation with the local health department, to make a certain determination on a certain application based on certain criteria and within a certain period of time; etc.

Let’s talk about what the bill really does:

  • It empowers the state to set up locations where heroin users can shoot up drugs with assistance;
  • It immunizes the aforementioned heroin users against prosecution;
  • Provides clean needles to heroin users so they can inject heroin “safely”;
  • It allows the locations to be mobile;
  • And it provides no age limit on who can enter these locations.

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If you’ve ever wanted to live in a world where mobile opium dens can provide clean needles to your kids to shoot heroin, well the Maryland Democratic Party has your back.

The bill passed the committee on a 6-5. Two Democratic Senators with seriously Republican challengers, Kathy Klausmeier and Jim Mathias, voted for the bill (which will be of interest to Delegates Christian Miele and Mary Beth Carozza, I’m sure). The deciding vote however was……Nathaniel Oaks. Yes that Nathaniel Oaks, who should be preparing for a stay in prison as opposed to casting votes in the General Assembly.

To stick with the theme of Democratic corruption, there is a cross-filed version of SB288 over in the House, HB326. It won’t surprise you to learn that the primary sponsor of the House bill is……Delegate Dan Morhaim, who probably has a financial interest in making sure this happens.

You really have to ask what message these Democrats are trying to send to here. At a time in which Governor Larry Hogan and others are leading a crusade against opioid addiction, at a time in which so many people in our state are dying from using opioids, at a time when families are being ripped apart because of the use and abuse of heroin and other opioids, Maryland Democrats want to bring the drugs to you and your community. They want to give heroin users the opportunity to shoot up heroin in your community and at taxpayer expense.

Needless to say, this would be a good time to call your Delegates and Senators and tell them that taxpayer-funded heroin dens are not something you want to see in your community…

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