Is Billy Shreve Passing on State Senate Race?

Rumors out of Frederick County indicate that County Councilman Billy Shreve may not be running for the State Senate after all.

Shreve had been intending to run for State Senate in District 3, where he was to face Craig Giangrande in the Republican primary. Giangrande had $98,000 cash-on-hand at the end of the filing period, whereas Shreve had only $3,000.

Red Maryland received the following email message:

Billy Shreve appears not to be running for Senate District 3 now. This is important and it clears the primary for Craig Giangrande who is a much better general election candidate who can focus on jobs and not have all the baggage of Frederick County government.

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Shreve is on the County Central Committee, which he would need to resign from if he was running for Senate. Not only would be unethical to do both, but Party bylaws prohibit it. But Shreve recently expanded his role and commitment there by taking over the Campaign Committee.

This is good news for Frederick Republicans. Shreve can be a fierce spokesman for the County Party and the GOP odds of picking up SD 3, just got better.

In addition to being on the Central Committee…..Billy was voted in as the Chairman of the Campaign Subcommittee.

The short mission statement of the Campaign Subcommittee is: “Work with Candidates to relay their message using the resources of the FCRCC.”

If he files for Senate 3, or any other office for that matter, many would see it as a clear conflict of interest and unethical.

Councilman Shreve has had a checkered for years inflicting drama on Frederick County politics, including cancelled Lincoln Day dinners, attempts at illegal political loans, and allegedly attempting to recruit a challenger for Governor Hogan.

In the 2016 Red Maryland Awards, Shreve was recognized as Maryland’s Least Valuable Conservative.

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