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The Speaker Doth Protest Too Much

“It’s a pretty interesting position to be in, when you think you can set the policy, regulate the policy, and then raise money from those people who participate in the industry.”

This shot at Comptroller Peter Franchot from Speaker Mike Busch is a classic case of projection, because it is the very position and purview Busch zealously, albeit quietly, claims himself.

Look no further than the listed treasurer of Busch’s campaign finance committee:

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Neal Katcef, Busch’s fundraiser, is the scion of a family that has owned a distributorship that dates its birth to the beginning of Maryland’s antiquated three-tier system. And one that enjoys spreading its money freely to Democratic legislative leadership:

So yes, the same individual Busch deploys to whom he is beholden for the financial viability of his political operation is the same man whose business interests are sheltered from competition under the umbrella of Busch’s political protection.

In the upcoming legislative battle, the General Assembly’s Democratic leadership has clearly chosen its side.  They’ve chosen Big Beer over Maryland’s craft brewers and consumers.

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