Red Maryland Pre-Session Survey: Wayne Norman

What is your top legislative priority for the 2018 General Assembly Session?
As the ranking member of the JPR Committee, I intend to help move forward legislation aimed at ending urban violence, especially in Baltimore, via lowering taxes and increasing job possibilities.

What are some of your other legislative priorities for the 2018 General Assembly Session?
I am self employed and have my own law office. I think Maryland needs to continue to improve the small business climate through decreased regulation and legislation. A better small business climate is one of my priorities.

What concerns you the most about the 2018 General Assembly Session?
Being an election year, this session will probably be tumultuous. Folks will be posturing for reelection and I expect there will be continuous attacks on the Governor from the other side of the aisle.

What are your budget priorities for the 2018 General Assembly Session?
lower taxes and decrease spending

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What are your local projects or bills of local interest will you be introducing or supporting during the 2018 General Assembly Session?
As a practicing attorney, I see many areas of improvement that could be implemented by the judiciary. I have several bills to improve court procedures from an attorney perspective.

What are your thoughts on Governor Hogan’s paid sick leave proposal?
His plan is a better proposal than what I believe will be coming out of committee.

What did you do on behalf of or in support of Republican candidates or the Republican Party in 2017?
I have always supported GOP candidates in any way I can.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a legislator in the first three years of this term?
It was my bill that the Governor used to kill the Rain Tax. I think it was word for word, verbatim, my bill.

If you are running for re-election or for another office, why should your constituents continue to support you?
I have been vocal on behalf of my constituents since I was appointed to the House 10 years ago. I pride myself on my constituent service.

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