Red Maryland Pre-Session Survey: Sid Saab

What is your top legislative priority for the 2018 General Assembly Session?
Improve our Second Amendment rights.

What are some of your other legislative priorities for the 2018 General Assembly Session?
Protecting the elderly from abuse. Term limits. Removing regulations that are unnecessary and burden businesses.

What concerns you the most about the 2018 General Assembly Session?
My concern is that partisan politics will play a big role this session that could help the candidates running for re-election but hurt Marylanders.

What are your budget priorities for the 2018 General Assembly Session?
No new taxes.

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What are your local projects or bills of local interest will you be introducing or supporting during the 2018 General Assembly Session?
Cape St. Claire beach replenishment bond bill.

What are your thoughts on Governor Hogan’s paid sick leave proposal?
I believe the issue is best managed between the business owner and the employee. If something is done – you have to keep in mind both sides of the issue. We have to address the concerns of small businesses. It has to be mutually beneficial.

What did you do on behalf of or in support of of Republican candidates or the Republican Party in 2017?
I have advised and worked closely with Republican candidates starting a grass-roots campaign.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a legislator in the first three years of this term?
Passing pro-Second Amendment bills. I am proud of the accomplishment to get an elected school board for Anne Arundel County.

If you are running for re-election or for another office, why should your constituents continue to support you?
I will be running for a re-election. One of my top priorities has been to provide top notch constituent services to all in my district. I have had an open door policy and listen to both sides of the issues. I make informed votes that will benefit my district and the State of Maryland.

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