Maryland Republican Party Calls on Oaks to Resign

The Maryland Republican Party released a statement this morning calling on corrupt State Senator Nathaniel Oaks to resign from his post.

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Contact: Patrick O’Keefe

Maryland Republican Party Chairman Calls For the Removal of Senator  Nathaniel Oaks From the Maryland State Senate; Launches Petition

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Annapolis, MD – Maryland Republican Party Chairman Dirk Haire released the following statement in response to the refusal of Senator Oaks to resign from the General Assembly:

“Lollipop. According to Federal prosecutors and the FBI, that was the code Senator Nathaniel Oaks used for taking bribes and trading his district’s trust for his own financial gain. Despite being caught red-handed by recordings disclosed in Federal Court last week, Senator Oaks is still collecting a paycheck from Maryland taxpayers. The only taxpayer dollars going to support corrupt Senator Oaks should be for room and board behind bars.

“Senate President Mike Miller has said it would be “unfair” to remove Oaks from office.  Unfair to whom?  Taxpayers?  His defrauded constituents?  Maryland Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathleen Matthews has been completely silent, which is unusual given her penchant to word-vomit on political claptrap.  Evidently, when it comes time to comment on actual wrongdoing, she has laryngitis.

“This situation is an embarrassment to our state.  This is exactly how the 2017 General Assembly started – with corruption charges against General Assembly Democrats.  I echo Governor Hogan’s statement that there is “No question that Senator Oaks should be removed from office.”  I call on Senate President Miller and Chairwoman Matthews to immediately take action to oust Senator Oaks, or explain why they think it is ok to protect public corruption by Democrats in the General Assembly.

“Maryland doesn’t deserve this kind of corrupt and complicit leadership.  As a result, the Maryland Republican Party is immediately launching a petition calling on the impeachment of Senator Oaks. All Marylanders can sign the petition here.


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