John Grasso Colluding with Radical Left Wing Groups

Republican County Councilman John Grasso is teaming with a radical left-wing group associated with the Anne Arundel Democratic Party to hold a candidates forum.

In an email shared with Red Maryland, an individual named John Wells is said to be an organizing the forum. The email was sent to all filed Republican candidates.

—— Original Message ——
Received: 02:54 PM EST, 01/19/2018
From: John Wells <>
Republican attendance at a meeting on January 29 is requested

Greetings all Republican Incumbents and Candidates,

Trending: Thank You

We are ready to roll on the first event for the “Let’s Agree to Agree”initiative.

John Grasso and Stuart Pittman will be the featured leaders at the event, and it is very important to have as many Republican candidates there as possible. All Democratic candidates will be invited also.

You can find more information about the meeting at

To attend the event, please fill out the Google form:

The working meeting will be preceded by a one hour “Meet and Greet” Social, which should be a great way to break the ice and meet the people you will be working with.

Come ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. The meeting will have a specific target action to modify the County Charter, and we will have plenty of experts to help, but we also need incumbents and candidates to be there.

I have attached a document outlining some of the tools that are available at the website and how you can help to make them useful in your campaigns.

Also attached is a downloaded Republican page from the website.

The site will go “live” next week and I will be inviting over 250 Community Associations, all PTA leaders and a whole bunch of other folks, so I hope
to have as many people signed up as possible before I send out those invitations. There will also be articles in The Capital and the Anne Arundel Patriot about the event.

I think that this website can be a tremendous tool for you as candidate and I am asking for your support in making the website as useful as possible.

I hope you will take the time to read the attachments, and that you will do as much as you can to promote the event.

Thank you!

John Wells jnw.wells@ 410 507-1862

While the email noted that the form was to be held January 29th, it has been postponed. A new date has not been announced by the organizers.

If all of this looks suspicious, it’s because it is.

The group “Let’s Agree to Agree” boldly says that it is a project affiliated with The Arundel Patriot. They say that the mission of this project is ” 1. To establish a series of town hall meetings and social networks for Anne Arundel County in which people from all political spectrums can get together to work on things that we do agree upon” and “2. To provide a central place for information about issues and events across all of the parties and the activist communities.” But of course we know that there are two key factors as to why this project is more sinister in nature:

  1. Last year we exposed the Arundel Patriot as a front group for rabid radical left-wing partisans, particularly when they co-opted a candidate forum to talk about nonsense radical left-wing issues;
  2. John Wells, the event organizer, is the listed point of contact for the radical leftist group Annapolis Indivisible.

Curiously, a document attached with the invitation to Republican candidates also contained a document Wells was using to coordinate with Democratic candidates, showing that Wells and his Annapolis Indivisible group were in direct coordination with candidates in the Anne Arundel Democratic Party. The document is shown here below.

The document also included a live spreadsheet of contact information for Democratic candidates and events. The link to it is here, but I have also replicated it on Red Maryland as well.

So now that we know that the group organizing the event is a group of radical left-wing organizations closely tied to the Anne Arundel Democratic Party. Which begs the question; why is John Grasso getting in bed with them?

We’ve talked extensively about John Grasso, his ego, his refusal to answer our questions, his misuse of the county seal. But you really haven’t heard much at all about Grasso’s campaign for county executive since he announced it. According to last week’s campaign finance filings, he hasn’t raised almost any money since his county executive announcement. He trails Steve Schuh significantly in cash on hand; Schuh has $1,062,020.58, Grasso has $9,323.77.

John Grasso’s campaign for county executive is already over; he just seems not to realize it yet.

But none of that excuses what Grasso is doing here. Why is Grasso willingly not just participating in a forum put on by radical left-wing statists, but serving in a leadership capacity in the event? Is Grasso expecting that he can use this opportunity to work with the radical left to attack Schuh? Does he think that his only path to winning the nomination is to use Democrats to do his dirty work for him?

Grasso may have been a Republican for the last thirty years, and may have been elected twice as a county councilman. But this is a sad, sad way for John Grasso’s political career to come to an end.

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