Alec Ross makes the case for Larry Hogan

One Democratic candidate for governor is quizzically making the case for why people should re-elect Governor Larry Hogan.

In a voicemail  obtained by Red Maryland, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alec Ross explained that more voters are considering candidates like himself and the Governor as the Democratic field raced further and further to the left. Ross said people want somebody “with business sense in the office of Governor.”

“This is Alec Ross. I am a candidate for Governor of Maryland, like you, an entrepreneur by background. And I was calling just to introduce myself to you. You have a really good reputation, and I thought you’d be compelled by somebody running for governor who has Democratic values and business sense. I know you’ve been at least somewhat supportive of Larry Hogan in the past, but it’s increasingly the case that as more and more the people in the Democratic Party go further and further to the left – after more and more of these candidates go further and further to the left – people are increasingly supporting both Larry Hogan and myself.

“People who want somebody with business sense in the office of Governor. And I’d love to just tell you a little bit about who I am in this run. Let me leave you a phone number and an email address.” 

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You can listen to the audio for yourself, below:

The voicemail from Ross is interesting for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it shows that Ross realizes that Governor Hogan is extremely popular and will be nearly impossible to be in a general election. But secondarily, it shows that there is discontent within the Democratic Party, even among candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor, that Maryland Democrats are taking a radical and unsustainable shift to the left that will make it nearly impossible for Democrats to win in November.

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