A Democratic Disaster

Not all of the gubernatorial fundraising reports are in yet, but it’s very clear that the fundraising period was a total disaster for the Democrats.

All told, the Democrats raised about $7.5 million combined. That includes the estimated data for Ben Jealous, Jim Shea, and Krish Vignarajah, who had not filed their paperwork with the State Board of Elections at the time of publication.

2017 Contributions 2017 Expenditures Burn Rate Current Cash on Hand
Alec Ross $1,057,246.94 $612,324.24 57.9% $444,922.70
Ben Jealous* $1,500,000.00 $955,000.00 63.7% $545,000.00
Jim Shea* $2,018,233.16 $669,824.55 33.2% $1,348,408.61
Kevin Kamenetz $1,066,700.13 $683,952.88 64.1% $2,001,933.87
Krish Vignarajah* $410,000.00 N/A N/A N/A
Ralph Jaffe N/A N/A N/A N/A
Rich Madaleno $439,862.00 $319,284.62 72.6% $193,561.65
Rushern Baker $1,053,796.28 $607,889.79 57.7% $696,053.84
TOTAL $7,545,838.51 $3,848,276.08 51.0% $5,229,880.67
* Estimates based on reported numbers
N/A = Not available

It’s hard to understate how much of a disater this is for Maryland Democrats. At this time in 2014 the three candidates for Governor, Anthony Brown, Doug Gansler, and Heather Mizeur, had raised a combined $5,828,130.30. They also combined to have $10,3617,54.18 cash-on-hand. Even if Vignarajah reports 75% of their money as Cash on hand, the 2014 candidates will had nearly twice as much money on hand during the same filing period from their election.

We already know that a not insignificant chunk of this money came from outside of Maryland, as we have already identified how Alec Ross raised 80% of his campaign funds from outside the state. We will continue to see if other candidates had to raise their funds from outside the sate.

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The burn rates are remarkable too, as the candidates are spending their campaign dollars much like they would taxpayer dollars; liberally like it’s not their money. The amount of money spent so far is absolutely staggering, with no number more staggering than the approximately $955,000 Ben Jealous has spent on his campaign. That amount has earned him a spot as high as a distant third-place in the Democratic primary. These Democrats are spending their campaign dollars like the tax-and-spend liberals that they really are.

The news gets even worse for the Democrats when they compare their numbers to Governor Larry Hogan’s fundraising data. Governor Hogan raised $4.5 million on his own, plus Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford raised an additional $523,000 on his own. Right now, the Hogan-Rutherford team is sitting on $9 million cash-on-hand.

The Democrats assumed that their constant badgering of Governor Larry Hogan was going to translate into campaign success. So far, it isn’t translating into much of anything. Their top candidates trail Governor Hogan by at least 10 points. Governor Hogan has at least 4.5-1 edge in cash-on-hand advantage over all of his Democratic opponents. Plus the Democrats still have to slog their way through what remains, at the moment, an eight-candidate clown car of a primary that features a rag-tag group of has-beens and never-will-bes.

We’ve talked for years at Red Maryland about how the Maryland Democratic Party is a party in disarray. And now this leaderless party putting forth a ragtag group of subpar candidates is going to have to deal with the consequences of  Martin O’Malley’s failed administration, their inability to function and their inability to lead. We’re going to continue to enjoy it.

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