FILE PHOTO: Former NAACP CEO Jealous speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

86% of Ben Jealous Campaign Money is from Out of State

On Wednesday I wrote about how Alec Ross saw 80% of his campaign contributions came from out of state. But there’s one candidate who is even more dependent on out of state donations.

A review of the Campaign Finance report submitted by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bena Jealous shows that Jealous raised over 86% of his money from out of state resources.

Jealous’s campaign reported 9,717 total donations, raising a total of $1,265,545.55. However, the report only identifies 1809 donations from individuals or businesses located in Maryland at a total of $ 180,479.63. Of those donations only three Maryland businesses, Allways Event Logistics, The Law Office of Jason A. Timoll, LLC, and Toby Mendez Studios, LLC, donated cash to the Jealous campaign, for a total of $550. Three Maryland-based labor unions, Unite Here Local 7, Local 500 SEIU, and SEIU Md/DC State Council, donated $11,000 to Jealous. Five individuals have maxed out to the Jealous campaign, for a total of $30,000, including his running mate Susan Turnbull, and her husband David Turnbull,  the politically connected Kevin Johnson, and attorney Billy Murphy.

Interestingly, Jealous has not contributed a single dollar to his own campaign.

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Jealous’s total contributions from out-of-state account for 86% of his total campaign haul and 81% of the total contributions received. 60 out of state donors donated the maximum allowed by law, $6,000 to Jealous. Those top 66 out-of-state donors account for $396,000 of his total funds raised, more than twice as much as he raised from Maryland donors.

One of those donors was George Soros, and his brother Gregory.

Additional donors donated $3,000 twice, reaching the aggregate of $6,000. This included Spotify executive Troy Carter, “social justice advocate” Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, advertising executive John Seifert.

Other celebrities have donated to the Jealous campaign as well:

The Jealous campaign also received a contribution from producer Russel Simmons, but returned it.

All transactions are verifiable by visiting and searching for “Jealous, Ben” in the “Contributions/Loans” in the Disclosure section.

It was expected that Jealous, with his national profile, would raise a significant sum of money from outside of Maryland. But the fact that Jealous is relying so much on out-of-state cash is a damning indictment of his candidacy. That Jealous raised less money from within Maryland than at least two candidates (Ross and Jim Shea) who are polling in the single digits shows that Jealous’s candidacy is being propped up only by a radicalized Democratic Party base and by Jealous’s Hollywood and national political connections. There is no groundswell of support for Jealous, either from Marylanders or from the Maryland business community that has completely shunned Jealous. Combine that with the fact that Jealous has spent so much of the money he’s raised already and you end up with a campaign that’s already on theglide pathh to defeat and irrelevancy.

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