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80% of Alec Ross Campaign Money is from Out of State

A review of the Campaign Finance report submitted by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alec Ross shows that Ross raised over 80% of his money from out of state resources.

Ross’s campaign reported 1,571 total donations, raising a total of $1,066,248.86. However, Ross’s report only identifies 548 donations from individuals or businesses located in Maryland at a total of $207,469.26. Those donations include $2,500 from Ross himself and also two $2,500 contributions from a Robert Myerhoff who is curiously listed as “Spouse (Candidate)” on the campaign finance report.

Of the Maryland contributions received, only six were from businesses, accounting for $3,100 in contributions. Another $2,000 was received from the “Verizon Communications Inc. Good Government Club-Maryland PAC”.

Ross also received $1,000 from the “Leadership for Educational Equity Maryland PAC”, which curiously has a Washington, DC mailing address.

Ross’s total contributions from out-of-state account for 80.5% of his total campaign haul. 60 out of state donors donated the maximum allowed by law, $6,000 to Ross. Those top 60 out-of-state donors account for $360,000 of his total funds raised, over $140,000 more than he raised from Maryland alone.

Another $5,999 was donated by the California-based “Gen Equity State PAC”.

All transactions are verifiable by visiting and selecting “Ross, Alec” as the receiving committee.

It’s very clear to see why Alec Ross is getting only 2% in the polls and is desperate to tie his candidacy to that of Governor Larry Hogan; he’s a political nobody in the state of Maryland who is being bought off by out-of-state interests. That Ross is relying on so much out-of-state funds to sustain his fledgling campaign shows why Ross is a total nothingburger in this race.

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