Rob Carson Podcast # 179

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John Conyers pays off a woman he sexually harassed, but he’s still considered an “Icon” by some in the Dem party. Al Franken returns to the Senate “Embarrassed and Humiliated, but he’s not quitting”. Cyber Monday Madness! Plus, racism is perfectly fine if it’s against white people.

Sexual Harassment, Al Franken, John Conyers and more.

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Matt Lauer is gone from NBC’s Today Show. Garrison Keillor is gone from NPR and MPR. Rumors of many women coming forward about Lauer started with an assault at the Olympics three years ago. Many say he is an evil monster. Trevor Noah agrees with Donald Trump about Elizabeth Warren, and a company says it can turn water into wine this Christmas!

Matt Lauer is toast. He may face criminal charges. Geraldo Rivera says something stupid defending him. Now, he’s reminded of a very famous singer who says she was assaulted by him years ago. John Conyers is being hospitalized for “stress” and Nancy Pelosi says he should step down. One media figure says Trump has dementia. One senator says he’s the best President ever. Lindsay Graham talks tough on Korea and a city councilwoman shows her racism by saying Korean owned business in bad neighborhoods need to get rid of their bullet proof glass because it’s demeaning to her constituents.

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