Our Maryland: The Maryland Democratic Party’s Id

If you needed another example that Our Maryland is the id of the Maryland Democratic Party establishment machine, unchecked by any moral conscious, here it is.

House Economic Matters Committee Chair Derek Davis’s “craft brewers never had it so good” oped reads as if it were written by the industry lobbyists his committee is tasked with overseeing.  It certainly contains the infantile spoon banging of a monopoly that is under public scrutiny due to Comptroller Peter Franchot’s Reform on Tap efforts.

With his advocacy on behalf of Maryland’s craft brewers to balance the legal and regulatory environment, Franchot once again bucked what remains of the Democratic Party bosses.  His brewery reform legislation will be one of the more contentious bills this upcoming session.

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Davis and the establishment bosses laid down their marker at last week’s House Economic Matters Committee hearing on beer issues.  Speaker Mike Busch himself made a rare appearance to scold Franchot and wondered aloud at the possibility of removing alcohol regulation from the Comptroller’s office.

Franchot and his staff, incidentally, were not invited to this hearing because the Democratic Party establishment despises Franchot as much as they hate Governor Larry Hogan.

Maryland’s craft brewing industry is an economic dynamo waiting to be unleashed. The industry currently generates $800 million in economic activity and supports over 6,000 jobs.  The only thing holding Maryland’s craft brewing industry back is our states hopelessly outdated alcohol laws that date back to the end Prohibition.

And who is protecting this antiquated 20th Century model from the 21st Century market?  Follow the money as Naptown Pint did, and the answer becomes quite clear that it’s the Democratic Party establishment bosses.

Here are some other donations that further crystallize the picture.

Our Maryland’s Facebook attack on Franchot should not be a surprise given that Our Maryland founder Pat Murray was a former aide to both Miller and Busch.  John Favazza of Manis Canning, the lobbying firm that represents the beer distributors, is Mike Busch’s former Chief of Staff and served as counsel to the Economic Matters Committee when Busch was chair of that committee.  Murray and Favazza’s ties to Busch, Miller and Manis Canning are well known.

Favazza has worked beside Busch for more than a decade, dating to the lawmaker’s days as chairman of the House Economic Matters Committee. Both Favazza and Kristin F. Jones currently carry the title of chief of staff in Busch’s office…

His move will further bolster the reputation of Manis Canning & Associates as a firm with close ties to Busch. Nicholas G. Manis, the firm’s managing partner, was coached by Busch in high school basketball….

Murray, who has spent six years working in Annapolis, was part of Busch’s staff before joining Miller’s team.

True progressives, who allegedly abhor such Tammany Hall cronyism, have to be scratching their heads asking why they are seeing blatant such propaganda for it on an allegedly “progressive” outlet.

As our exposés have shown when you scratch the progressive facade of Our Maryland, just below the surface you’ll find the backroom bosses of the same old  Maryland Democratic establishment.

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