Maryland Democrats Said What?

Every once in a while I have to ask myself if the Maryland Democratic Party is trying to put itself out of business….

Today Governor Larry Hogan reacted to the passage of the tax bill in Congress by announcing his own tax relief package for the upcoming General Assembly session:

Gov. Larry Hogan said Wednesday that he will seek to protect Maryland taxpayers from higher state tax bills caused by the federal tax overhaul President Donald J. Trump is expected to sign soon.

The Republican governor said he will submit legislation to the General Assembly next month to do that and called for unanimous legislative support of his proposals.

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“Our goal will be to leave that money in the pockets of hard-working Marylanders,” Hogan said in an opening statement at a Board of Public Works meeting. “I am confident that our partners in the General Assembly who have expressed concern over the impact of this tax reform bill will support us unanimously in protecting Marylanders who could be negatively affected. Protecting taxpayers should be a bipartisan issue.”

Administration officials said that because so many Maryland tax rules are tied to the federal system, the federal tax overhaul could increase Maryland’s tax revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Hogan wants to make sure people’s state tax bills don’t go up because of the federal changes, aides said.

The governor called his idea “my holiday gift to the people of Maryland.”

Hogan did not offer details Wednesday but said his understanding is that the $1.5 trillion tax bill, which passed the Republican-dominated Congress just hours after the governor spoke, would yield significant extra revenue for the state. He promised that his legislation would return to taxpayers any additional state revenue received as a result of the loss of federal deductions and exemptions.

Governor Hogan’s proposal is a common-sense reaction to the bill coming out of Washington, which will reduce the ability for Maryland residents to deduct state and local taxes from their federal income taxes.

The Democratic reaction to all of this has been…..well, mixed. Becuase of their prolonged case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Democrats have been trying to get the Governor to take a position on this bill before it even passed.

“We don’t know if it’s a one-time windfall or any windfall at all,” said House Speaker Michael E. Busch.

Busch said it appears Maryland will be one of the states most adversely affected by the federal changes.

“I wish the governor had stepped up and spoken up about the tax bill earlier on,” the Anne Arundel County Democrat said.

Mind you, Governor Hogan is governor of Maryland and not a member of Congress, but we are all aware of the Democratic “strategy” on this.

State Senator Bill Ferguson. who chairs the Budget and Taxation committee, of course wants nothing to do with returning money to working Marylanders;

The details will matter in whatever the governor plans to introduce,” he said. “It’s unclear to me how the governor’s proposal would not jeopardize the programs and services that all Maryland residents can access.”….

…..He said the state also needs to ensure affordable health care for its citizens and to find a way to fund the educational funding improvements expected to be recommended by a commission headed by former University System of Maryland Chancellor William E. Kirwan.

Ferguson, like every other Democrat, believes that they have a birthright to your money.

The Maryland Democratic Party, lead by a raging hypocrite, put it out their bluntly for everybody:

To make it explicitly clear: The Maryland Democratic Party thinks that a tax cut for middle and working class Marylanders is a tax scam.

The damndest thing about this entire situation is the fact that the Maryland Democratic Party is directly responsible for the higher taxes that some Marylanders are going to face. Maryland Democrats, as everybody is fully aware, has an addiction to your money. Their addiction to your money has led them to be obsessed with raising more and more taxes from Maryland’s middle and working-class families to redistribute to special interest groups that benefit the wealthy urban liberals that form the base of the Maryland Democratic Party.

The Maryland Democratic Party operating principle is a reverse Robin Hood principle; steal from the poor to fund projects that keep their wealthy supporters happy.

Those higher and higher taxes, incidentally, are why your taxes are going up. Federal deductions of state and local taxes have camouflaged exactly how much of your paycheck is going to fund Maryland state government. Maryland voters, who already revolted against Democrats and their taxation with the election of Governor Hogan in 2014, are probably not going to take very kindly to this realization and the realization that the same Democrats they booted out of office in 2014 and responsible for their taxes going up in 2018.

The oddity of all of this is the fact that Governor Hogan is basically throwing Democrats a lifeline out of this situation by saying that his tax bill is a common-sense bipartisan solution and the Democrats,  either because they don’t know any better or have some sort of death wish, decided so far that they don’t want to go along with it for crass partisan purposes. The Maryland Democratic Party would rather try to score cheap political points at Governor Hogan’s expense instead of ensuring middle and working class Marylanders have a few more bucks in their pocket.

The politics of this situation are absolutely insane for Democrats. The morally correct thing to do in this situation is to work with Governor Hogan to make sure that the Democrats previous mistakes do not result in middle and working class Marylanders have less money in their pocket. Instead, the Democratic Party is pushing the pedal to the metal and driving towards the same electoral cliff that they drove off of in 2014. And while it is good for Maryland’s long term health for the Democatic Party to do what it can to help Governor Hogan get re-elected, many a Maryland family will be financially harmed due to the Democrats political calculation, obstinance, and insistance that the people’s money belongs first and foremost to the Democratic Party and their special interest allies.


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