2017 in Review: 30 Most Read Stories

If you want to know what Red Marylander readers read most in 2017, here it is: the stories in Maryland Republican and conservative politics that got the highest readership:

  1. New MDDems Executive Director was at center of Super PAC Scandal
  2. Who will succeed Rushern Baker as PG County Executive?
  3. Bryan Simonaire Doubles Down on Exploiting Veteran Suicides
  4. Democratic Delegate Attacks Larry Hogan for being a cancer survivor
  5. Hood College Republicans Release Statement on Bulletin Board Controversy
  6. Senator Bryan Simonaire Exploits Suicide by Veterans for Political Gain
  7. Radical AltLeft Mob Harasses Democratic Senator at Home
  8. The Curious Case of Melanie Harris – Let Charm City YRs Be Free!
  9. Goucher Poll a Reality Check for Maryland Democrats
  10. Save Our State Flag Petition News Roundup
  11. The Maryland Democratic Party: A Cesspool of Corruption
  12. Save Our Flag
  13. Kamenetz’s Neglect of Lansdowne High 
  14. The Lord of the Flies, Revisited 
  15. The Sun’s Free Speech Hypocrisy 
  16. Brian Frosh is Lying, and Everybody Knows It
  17. Disgraced Convict John Leopold is Running for Something
  18. Governor Hogan is wrong on this
  19. MSEA Encourages Teachers to Lobby on Taxpayer Time
  20. Amie Hoeber Suffers Embarrassing Loss in Montgomery County GOP Race
  21. An Impeachable Offense 
  22. Maryland Democrats Step On Rake, Admit They’ve Raised State and Local Taxes Too Much
  23. Doug Gansler Picks Late Night Beef With High School Students
  24. Don’t Believe the Democrats on Planned ParenthoodBill
  25. Is Billy Shreve Recruiting a Challenger to Governor Hogan?
  26. A Trash Compact: The Democrats Redistricting Reform plan is Designed to Fail
  27. Rumor: Delaney to run for Governor, Trone to run for Delaney’s seat
  28. Governor Hogan Declares War on Corruption 
  29. Yes, There’s a Legal Basis To Continue the School Begathon
  30. Kevin Kamenetz Embarrasses Himself in MACO Role

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