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Rob Carson Podcast # 179

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A huge show about Donald Trump’s tweets from the weekend, Roy Moore accuser speaks up. Bill Clinton is going to be accused by four more women of sexual assault. 3 guys lose their radio show for saying “Tranny” on air. No more elephant trophies according to the President, plus some great Christmas stories!

The people in Washington who tell us how to live our lives every day, and yet we find DC is engulfed in a sex scandal. Congresswomen and female staffers say they’ve been groped and assaulted and asked to trade sex for favors like passing legislation or getting promoted. Women are warned to not go on elevators in the Capitol by themselves and to avoid congressmen who sleep in their office. Unreal!!!

Judge Roy Moore’s house of cards is falling down. Will he drop out? Will he make it to the senate and get booted? Bill Clinton’s sexual legacy may have ushered in a whole new generation of harassers on Capital Hill. If Donald Trump is such a “white supremacist, why did he rescue three black basketball players from custody in China?”

More stories of Hollywood sexual harassment. Audio from the Mom of a Kevin Spacey victim. Rand Paul’s beating wasn’t about grass clippings. Bill O’Reilly’s contract let him sexually harass women. All the Dems want for Christmas is Donald Trump’s impeachment, plus X-Mas rage!

Almost one hour of commentary, comedy and audio!

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