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Racist Fliers Posted on Montgomery County GOP Heaquarters

Racist fliers were posted overnight on the front door of the Montgomery County Republican Party Headquarters in Derwood.

The fliers were affiliated with a group calling itself the “Patriot Front”. Click here to see the fliers <WARNING: Parental guidance suggested>

The fliers were found affixed to the door this morning when a Central Committee member arrived at the headquarters. Security camera footage shows that there were two individuals involved in the incident, but their faces were obscured.

The organization’s website (which we will not link to here) is registered to a web domain service that protects the privacy of the domain owner.

“This a disgusting example of hate,” said Dwight Patel, a member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee and an Indian-American, regarding the fliers. “These were on our door. This should once and for all prove that Republicans aren’t the racists.”

We will provide more information on this story if and when additional information is available.

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