A No Good Day

There’s no lipstick to put on this pig. A wipeout of Republican candidates in Frederick. Losing the Mayor’s race in Annapolis, with two Aldermanic seats up in the air.

Not a lot of good came from this Election Day.

There will be a lot of banter and speculation as to why what happened happened. We really aren’t sure. Sure, it didn’t help that some Republicans abandoned Annapolis and Frederick to go campaign in Virginia. Sure it didn’t help that some faux celebrities wanted to make election weekend all about them. But you’d be hard-pressed to say that those were related to the outcome.

Some people are already jumping to wild-eyed conclusions. Democratic operatives are ignoring all of the empirical polling evidence to declare that the results tonight mean that Governor Larry Hogan is finished. Some Vichy Republicans are declaring this “the end of the Maryland Republican Party.” Well….

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Neither statement is even remotely in line with reality. In an environment where Governor Hogan starts with 25% of Democratic voters likely to vote for him and running against the survivor of a war of attrition of has-beens and never-will-bes, he remains the favorite. One year from tonight, Governor Larry Hogan will be re-elected.

A year ago I wrote:

We at Red Maryland have been focused on the Governor’s re-election since right after the 2014 election. So have the Democrats, who withheld resources from other states in order to keep volunteers and money in Maryland. And their Hogan Derangement Syndrome is a noted phenomenon as they try to figure out which member from their thin bench is going to be their candidate for Governor in two years.
Things are looking up right now. The Washington Post noted that Governor Hogan is considered a favorite for re-election. But now is not the time to be complacent. Now’s the time to focus on the Governor’s re-election, on making the case for conservative principles, and ensuring the election of more conservatives up and down the ballot next year.

Every word of that is still 100% accurate. Democrats are still reeling in Maryland. Hogan Derangement Syndrome remains a real thing. And the Democrats bench is even thinner than I imagined. But you still can’t be complacent. You still need to make the case for conservative principles. You still need to help ensure the election of more conservatives up and down the ballot next year, whether that means supporting a candidate or being on the ballot yourself.
Losing sucks. But working together for Governor Hogan and other conservative candidates, that’s not going to happen next year.

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