Adhoc Committee on Election Integrity Releases Final Report

On 30 October 2017, the Maryland Republican Election Integrity Adhoc Committee (MDREIC), established during the 2017 MDGOP Spring Convention, released its final report on election integrity specifically focusing on election failures during the 2016 Primary Election.

The MDREIC, established by resolution passed 29 April 2017, was charged to: “review any ‘irregularities’ in our election process regarding possible fraud, corruption, failures to follow legal procedures or mishandling of ballots”. Once complete, a “report of the findings and recommendations of [the] committee [were to] be made public..”

The report, 52 pages in all, outlines eight key findings, to include:

~ the improper re-certification of known corrupted election results;

~ failure to adequately staff polling places;

~ lack of accountability of sensitive polling place items (to include ballots);

~ and the State Board of Elections’ lack of timely response to legal proceedings in the aftermath of the election debacle.

The report cites information obtained via Public Information Act requests from the State Board of Elections and the Baltimore City Board of Elections, as well as, local news articles, and State Board of Elections meeting minutes.

The report also includes testimony from Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections (VOICE) who filed a legal complaint against the election boards in June 2016 which was dismissed on a procedural technicality.

Interestingly, the report contains a timeline of events surrounding the 7th Congressional District Republican Primary and asserts that the results of that election were corrupted due to the high number of provisional ballots (at least 1,188 total in Baltimore City) illegally scanned into machines. These provisional ballots were unable to be removed from the final vote count. The State Board of Election recognized the possibility that the 7th Congressional District Republican Primary was corrupted during their “reconciliation” of Baltimore City election results in May 2016; however, they later refused to address 7th Congressional District Candidate, William Newton’s, legal requests for a new election.

On 27 October 2017, the MDREIC submitted a new resolution for the 2017 Fall Convention (scheduled for 18 November 2017) which requests that the MDGOP formally recognize the completion of the MDREIC’s report.

The entire report can be found here.

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