Madaleno’s Funding Hypocrisy.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Senator Rich Madaleno (D-Hypocrisy) thought he made a Halloween funny last week with this tweet about phantom education cuts authored by Governor Larry Hogan:

Set aside the fact that under Governor Hogan, state education funding has increased to record levels—Madaleno has voted for actual education cuts that dwarf the fictitious cuts he assigns to Governor Hogan.

Buried in the documents of the December 8, 2016 meeting of the Kirwan Commission, is this very telling chart prepared by the legislature’s Department of Legislative Services.

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The “Difference vs. Actual” line represents downward adjustments to the state’s per-pupil education funding formula.

These reductions were proposed by Governor O’Malley, and enacted by the General Assembly, through the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act or BRFA.

In this case, as the chart makes abundantly clear, Martin O’Malley and the Democratic-dominated legislature cut per-pupil education funding by $2.3 billion between FY 2009 and FY 2015.

Rich Madaleno. Voted For. Every Single Penny. Of. Those. Cuts.

Now anybody who has been paying attention to Madaleno knows that this is his MO. His lies about Governor Hogan, particularly on education spending, are legendary.

Madaleno will surely respond to this by saying Governor Hogan’s first budget proposes to freeze the per-pupil formula in the first year and cap it between FY17 and FY20. What Madaleno hopes you don’t notice is that the budget language is the exact same language Madaleno voted for in several versions of the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Acts during the O’Malley years. In real dollars, Governor Hogan’s first budget increased K-12 ed funding by $45 million, spending more on K-12 than any Governor in history.

Madaleno is giving himself the same pass he gave to Martin O’Malley for not fully funding the Geographic Cost of Education Index during his time as Governor.

We fully expect that Madaleno will respond to facts by saying that ” Larry Hogan sent his attack dogs after him” or some such nonsense. But the facts speak for themselves; when it comes to education spending, Madaleno is little more than a hypocrite.

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