The Hyperliberal Softball Questions of Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd

Richard E. Vatz


I have always taught regarding interviewing that one can ask reasonably tough questions to politicians, but if there is no effort to follow-up, you just give the respondent the opportunity to ignore the topic or to give a different transparent evasion of the question.

    Look at today’s softball interview by NBC’s Chuck Todd of Tom Perez, the head of the Democratic National Committee:  no follow-ups of any of Perez’s ignoring of former chair of the Democratic Party Donna Brazile’s accusations against Hillary Clinton or the appalling Virginia ads against Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie, implying he would kill minority children with a pick-up truck.

     In addition there were no questions about the Trump Administration’s charges regarding Hillary Clinton’s collusion in the Uranium One deal with Russia — none.

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Just utterly compromised journalism.


Richard E. Vatz has taught political rhetoric at Towson University for over 40 years.

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