Full List of Montgomery County GOP Leadership Candidates

We wrote last week about the impending race between embattled Montgomery County Republican Chairman Dick Jurgena and former Chairman Mark Uncapher to see who would serve as county party Chairman in 2018.

Red Maryland has obtained the candidate statements of the candidates who have filed to run in all of the races.

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November 15, 2017

Declaration of Candidacy for Office

A) Jeff Brown-Second Vice Chair

B) Retired-JABrownAssociates

C) Graduated Albert Einstein High School.

Completed my BA in American History and my minor in Criminology in 1974 University Maryland College Park.

Sales Representative for Union Wallpaper Company in Rockville for 2 years.

Worked for Vasco Commercial Painting Company for 8 years supervising and working on commercial painting and wallpaper projects.

Started my own business about 1985-completed projects such as Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Chevy Chase, MD. 

Helped start Washington DC chapter of National Paperhangers Guild. Coordinated establishment of national industry standards for installation of wallcovering that is still used today. I was in charge of or worked on at least 3 Golden Deed Projects-Ronald MacDonald House, NIH Children’s Inn and Grandma’s House( to prepare for Princess Diana to visit the AIDS addicted babies).

 I was elected to central committee in District 39.

Worked on  for Ellen Sauerbrey Campaign.

Precinct chair-District 39-2005. 

Poll Watcher in Montgomery Village.

Completed voter registration training

Worked my polling place for 20 years.

Worked at least one shift at AG fair every year except year my Dad died.

Helped build the stage for Super Saturday 

Montgomery County and Bartlett Campaign Kickoff.

Installed donated carpet with Ali at Hogan headquarters.

Knocked on doors for district 15 Super Saturday.

Knocked on doors for super Saturday in Olney.

Knocked on doors for Al’s race for delegate.

Erected sign for term limits in District 16 with Ann.

Central Committee facilities contact for a few years now-remodeled upstairs bathroom with Al.

Helped out at hospitality suites over the years at State Convention..

Helped out at Christmas parties at Katja’s.

Got wiring of TV’s in our upstairs room completed in time for ABC morning news broadcast during Trump campaign. 

Attended every MOCO and MDGOP convention since I was elected.

With the help of Deb sent an idea for a tax holiday on gun safes and gun locks to Senator Jennings and Delegate Parrot that became a bill that I testified for before the judicial committee-democrats rejected it.

D) I am seeking this position because I believe I can add to the success of our events. I’ve worked with Katja and Nahid at the Christmas parties and Central Committee Dinners. .I have attended various women’s club functions over the years and their success has demonstrated to me the men need help. I would like to see one country club event a year if possible- they were both very enjoyable but our image is the country club 1%. I would also like to see First Thursday return to our events lineup. I will work with everyone on the committee whatever the outcome of the election. Thank you.

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Declaration of desire to serves as Treasurer on the Montgomery County Republican Party

Issa Khozeimeh, P.E.; D.SC


An Engineer by education, and in professional arena for the past 54 years serving the Engineering & Technical communities.   Additionally, I have been a University professor teaching Engineering, Technical and Management areas for many US and overseas Educational Facilities. I have also served 10 years as a member of Industry Advisory Board (IAB) for University of MD Baltimore County (UMBC)

I have been intimately involved with numerous & unique projects here in Metro Washington area. Namely The US Navy Memorial on Penn Ave, The Arlington National Cemetery Visitor Center, and numerous projects at the White House, Dept. of Treasury etc. For 22 years I was with Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Washington Dulles International Airport where the Airport facilities were almost tripled that of original facility. Upon retirement, 9 years ago, I formed the consulting Firm of Forum International.


On the political activities front; I had been privileged to serve as Chief Election Judge (Twice), and election poll Watcher during the last few local & National elections. I have also been a volunteer door knocker during the Presidential election periods (Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2, and Trump) as well as a volunteering at polling centers for local & state candidates. Similarly co-Chair of fund raising during Gov. Ehrlich’s candidacy for Governor. Have held fund raising events at my residence. Most recently; I was a participant in “Telethons” and “Walkathons” in Montgomery County that resulted in election of Gov. Hogan.


As for MCGOP activities

  • Had the opportunity and privilege  of serving as LD -16 Chairperson resulting in Election of Gov. Hogan
  • Have served as member, CO-Chair and Chair of the Lincoln Day Dinner for numerous times. In that capacity, I have been intimately involved from the inception to final production; i.e.; facility location selection, dinner menus; committee member assignment etc.
  • Volunteered & Participated in numerous activities supporting MCGOP causes.


Other Civic & professional Activities

  • President of GWU Engineer Alumni Association
  • President Washington Society of Engineers
  • President Maryland Society of Registered Professional Engineers (Potomac Chapter)
  • Vice Pres. ; MD Society of Registered Professional Engineers ( State Society)
  • President DC Society of Engineering & Architectural Societies (DCCEAS)
  • Member of the Board of Directors BonWit Plaza Condo Association


SUMMARY:  I will be honored to serve as the treasures for the MCGOP; where I have the privilege to be associated with for past 20+ years; to promote and advance our goals.

Above all; increase fund raising events by helping election of more Republican for County, State and National level

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