Woke Leftists are Years Behind the Times, Making a Mockery of the County Council

In case you haven’t heard some woke leftists in Anne Arundel County are using the Anne Arundel County Council to launch political attacks against County Councilman Michael Peroutka:

This exchange took place after another round of residents calling for Peroutka to resign from the council. Those residents again expressed outrage at Peroutka’s involvement with the League of the South, which advocates for a free and independent South.

Peroutka was a member of the group but resigned shortly before the 2014 general election citing concerns about some members’ views on interracial marriage. Peroutka faced criticism for his involvement with the league in the lead up to that election.

In 2017, Peroutka also denounced racist comments made by league founder and president, Michael Hill.

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A lot of the interest is being spun up by the Arundel Patriot, a radical left-wing organization masquerading as a “news organization.” We exposed this organization back in July.

The organization at this point seems to exist solely to attack Peroutka. At press time there are no fewer than seven mentions of Peroutka on the front page of their website. Overall there are three pages worth of stories about Peroutka, all from a website that has existed only since the late spring.

That the Arundel Patriot and their sister organization, Anne Arundel Indivisible, are encouraging people to go to testify about Peroutka at the County Council makes a mockery out of the County Council process. County Council meetings exist to deal with issues that are facing the County and its residents. The portion of the agenda set aside for resident feedback is supposed to be a way for citizens to bring forth issues to the council that the Councilmembers may not be aware of. It is not supposed to be set aside as a series of two-minute hates against a Councilmember, regardless of their views.

And that says nothing of the fact that these suddenly woke leftists are almost four years late to the party. We at Red Maryland were speaking out about Peroutka’s views in early 2014, and continued to do so after the primary election more than once, and even after the election. These leftists are just now realizing these issues and are trying to make mountains out of molehills that voters have already moved on from. The views that Peroutka had at the time of his election remain abhorrent. But that ultimately didn’t matter to the voters of the District 5.

Now, almost four years later, radicalized left-wingers who were too busy to pay attention to local politics until last week suddenly think that they have the killer app that can force Peroutka out of office. They don’t realize that the horse already left that barn.

The oddity of all of this? The fears of many from 2014 have never materialized, as Peroutka’s views have not translated into radicalized behavior from him on the County Council.

Regardless of your views on what Peroutka believes or used to believe, I think we all should be able to agree that the Anne Arundel County Council chamber is not the place that you should be lobbing political salvos at enemies in a haphazard effort to defeat them at the ballot box. Peroutka already has a Republican primary challenger and a Democratic general election challenger already running in 2018. Those candidates will have their opportunity to take their case to the voters.

But I wonder if these suddenly woke leftists have realized that if they think their best bet to unseat Peroutka is through brief speeches at the Council Council that they’ve already lost.

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