Cheryl Kagan is Bad at Trolling

Recently State Senator Cheryl Kagan’s campaign issued a press release claiming the Hogan administration failed to implement a 2016 law she sponsored requiring state websites to publish translations for limited English proficient population that constitutes at least 0.5% of the overall population within the State as measured by the U.S. census.

That requirement translates (no pun intended) to Spanish and Chinese.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out Kagan’s staff couldn’t get their math right, as the Washington Post tells us:

But Amelia Chasse, a spokeswoman for Hogan, said the administration has met the requirements under the law. She said the statute applies only to a list of state agencies included in an earlier version of the legislation, which did not deal specifically with translation issues. Of those two dozen state agencies, Chasse said, those that are overseen by Hogan’s administration are in full compliance…

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“If the senator’s intent was not accurately communicated in the legislation she sponsored, our administration would be happy to work with her to clear up any confusion,” Chasse said, adding that Kagan has not shared her concerns with the governor’s office. “Our administration shares the senator’s commitment to providing transparent and accessible websites so that all Marylanders can more easily interact with state government.”

No word on whether it was Kagan’s campaign staff, or her taxpayer funded legislative staff that was doing the failed number-crunching for this goofy political attack.

The Post story points out that, deliciously enough, Kagan’s very own campaign site does not offer Spanish or Chinese translations.

As we discussed on this week’s episode of Red Maryland Radio, current polling on the 2018 gubernatorial election doesn’t have much, if any, good news for Maryland Democrats. Their  past history with attempting to change the subject when they are struggling suggests that the Democrats will be reduced to petty stunts like Kagan’s press release over the course of the next thirteen months.

Our advice to the good Senator is to try trolling a little less and living up to your own standards a little more,

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