The Bigotry of the Teachers Union

Bigot: One who is strongly partial to his or her own group (e.g. religion, race, ethnicity, gender, political party, etc.) and is intolerant of those who differ.

This weekend’s taxpayer-funded Democratic rally.……..Maryland State Education Association convention in Ocean City finally laid bare the bigotry of the union:

Education is always a top issue in Democratic primary elections, but observers and candidates say the topic takes even more prominence during the 2018 campaign. The state is in the middle of a rare process to reassess how and how much Maryland pays for schools.

“The next governor is going to have generational influence over our schools,” said Sean Johnson, political director of the union.

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The teachers union, which spent more than $2 million in the last race for governor and provided 2,000 volunteers, has the influence and resources to elevate a candidate in a crowded eight-way contest.

Johnson said the union expects to spend more this cycle, plus dispatch thousands of volunteers to staff phone banks and canvass on behalf of the candidate they endorse, “both in the primary and in the general.”

“We’re ready to be all in, and to be the biggest player on the progressive side of Maryland politics,” he said.

Emphasis mine.

It was nice of union flack Sean Johnson to come out and tell teachers across the state what being part of the union truly means. It means that if you are a conservative teacher, or even a moderate teacher, that you are not welcome in the union. That your thoughts are not valid in the mind of the union and that you will be ignored by union hacks like Johnson and by union leaders. The union leaders have decided that membership in the union means that your name will be used in support of radically left-wing causes.

Of course, nobody has asked the rank and file members of the teachers union whether or not they want the MESEA to be the biggest player on the progressive side of Maryland politics. In fact, nobody has asked the rank and filed members of the teachers union whether they want the union to be involved in either side of Maryland politics.

The MSEA has been hijacked by well-paid union activists whose loyalty first and foremost is to radical left-wing politics. Everything that MSEA leadership does is viewed through that spectrum. Union leadership doesn’t give a rip about what’s in the best interest of their membership. And they certainly don’t care about what’s in the best interest of students.

Don’t believe me? Then why else would the teachers union have lied constantly about Governor Hogan’s record funding of K-12 education while at the same time encouraging teachers to use taxpayer time in order to lobby the General Assembly to “protect our schools”?

Getting back to the MSEA, Sean Johnson, and their bigotry, if you are a teacher and a conservative, this would be a good time to stand up. Demand to know why your union discriminates against you. Demand to know why your union, ostensibly there to protect your rights, wants to “be the biggest player on the progressive side of Maryland politics.” If you aren’t a member of the union, call your legislator and demand repeal of the Fair Share Act that forces you to pay dues to the union even if you don’t want to be a member.

The only way to stand up to the bigotry of the MSEA is to expose it and to fight back against it.

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