Amie Hoeber Staffing Up for Congressional Run

Multiple sources have confirmed that Amie Hoeber is staffing up for a 2nd run for Congress in the 6th Congressional District.

Sources tell Red Maryland that veteran Maryland Republican Paul Ellington will be running the campaign. Experienced Montgomery County activist Dan McHugh, President of the Montgomery County Young Republicans, has also been hired.

I have reached out to Ellington and McHugh for additional confirmation and any comments.

Hoeber will be joining Lisa Lloyd, Matt Mossburg, and Brad Rohrs as candidates for the Republican nomination in the 6th.

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Both Mossburg and Rohrs have appeared on Red Maryland’s election focus. Click here to listen our interview with Mossburg, and click here to listen to our interview with Rohrs.

UPDATED: Statement from Paul Ellington: “I’m helping with preliminary efforts. Looking at the numbers for Amie. Will let you know when she decides – could be soon.”

2nd UPDATE: One veteran Maryland politico with nationwide experience tells Red Maryland off the record that they were offered the job as Campaign Manager of the Hoeber campaign and declined the job.

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