The Washington Post Loses Its Sense of Humor

Richard E. Vatz

Among the journalistic casualties in the Trump era, in addition to its professionalism, is its satirical edge.

For quite a while /The Washington Post’s/ “humor columnist’s” “humor” has mostly left me cold.

The enclosed piece, by Alexandra Petri, is completely unfunny or else I just inexplicably don’t get any of it.

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This column is:

A. Brilliant cutting satire that is difficult for dullards to apprehend and/or appreciate
B. Revelatory of consistent satirical subtlety understood by sophisticates only
C. Utterly unfunny, inconsistent attempts at humor that are so turgid as to make any serious reader looking for wit to become depressed.
D. Trying so hard it is embarrassing; when writers try too hard to be funny, they seldom are.
E. C and D

Remember, the POST once sported the brilliant satirist, Art  Buchwald.  What has happened?  All journalism of major media has suffered from its adoption of the anti-journalistic “resistance” watchword tward the president.


Richard E. Vatz is Professor at Towson University and is author of the recently released /The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion/ (McGraw-Hill, 2017)

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