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Rob Carson Show #158, #159, #160

The good and the bad of Hurricane Harvey and the amazing response of Texans and the American people. Nancy Pelosi says something right for a change! Networks try to politicize the storm. BLM shows its true “Cullors”. $1,000 smartphones, “X” is now a gender in California and much more.

Inspirational stories about people helping others in Houston. There’s lots of inspiring audio. A university pays dearly for not stopping a virtual riot. We spend more on taxes than food and shelter now. Amazon is making Whole Foods slash its prices by 45%! Millenials now want disposable cameras again, and purple was really not Prince’s favorite color.

Donald Trump gives $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief and is called cheap. Banana peels as an instrument of terror! What to replaced confederate statues with? A nurse gets arrested for not letting a police officer draw blood from an unconscious patient. Congress has lower approval ratings than fried liver!

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