Montgomery County GOP Chairman Takes on Governor Hogan, Congress

Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Dick Jurgena has been critical of both Governor Larry Hogan and Republican Members of Congress on social media in recent days.

Yesterday, Jurgena took to his campaign social media account to complain that he did not get enough notice that Governor Larry Hogan would be dedicating the Intercounty Connector to former Governor Bob Ehrlich.

One person close to the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee told me that Jurgena was “irate” with the administration that they would schedule an event in Montgomery County without notifying him first.

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Today, Jurgena aimed his fire at Congressional Republicans. On his Twitter account (which, to be blunt, is often full of conspiracy theories and borderline racist comments), Jurgena made some gramatically challenged comments about Congressional Republicans:

Typically speaking, the expectation is that Republican Central Committee members, especially County Party Chairman, refrain from making critical comments about elected Republicans. Those who feel they cannot do so often resign, as we saw many Central Committee members resign during the Presidential Election last year.

Jurgena was already facing a potential rebellion in Montgomery County Republican circles from Central Committee members and activists who are tired of Jurgena’s leadership. Several Central Committee members see Jurgena’s term as Chairman as an erosion of strong gains the GOP made in the county over the course of the last few years. It is uncertain if Jurgena’s latest outburst will further erode his support.

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