Brian Frosh Doesn’t Believe in the Rule of Law

During the General Assembly session, we told you that the Maryland Trust Act would be used for overtly partisan purposes.

Today, Partisan Hack Attorney General Brian Frosh made good on it:

Maryland has joined three other states in suing the Trump administration over its termination of a program designed to shield young undocumented immigrants from deportation, Attorney General Brian E. Frosh said Monday.

Frosh, a Democrat, joined the attorneys general of California, Minnesota and Maine to challenge the decision by President Donald J. Trump in federal court in California.

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The Republican president announced last week that he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in six months. DACA was introduced by President Barack Obama, a Democrat, to protect immigrants who were brought to the United States or overstayed their visas without authorization as children.

Trump has called on Congress to act on the DACA program.

The suit Maryland joined contends Trump’s action could result in the federal government reneging on assurances it gave to the young immigrants who signed up to get work permits under the program.

It also contends the Trump administration violated the law by failing to solicit public comments from the so-called Dreamers and others — including employers — who would be affected by the rule change.

Frosh’s joining of this suit, of course, is nothing more than a partisan political stunt masquerading as some courageous stance. It’s little more than an extension of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that is permeating the Democratic Party across the country, but especially here in Maryland.

So what’s the real beef of Frosh and the other attorneys general who have joined the suit? They are mad that President Trump is reversing an executive action that President Obama took. That’s it. They are upset that instead of sticking with the executive overreach of the Obama Administration, the Trump Administration withdrew the action and asked Congress to act on it instead.

It’s somewhat hilarious that at a time when Democrats are apoplectic about executive overreach that they are suing the federal government over a matter where President Trump is rolling back an aspect of the imperial presidency and allowing the decision to be made, as it should, by Congress.

Your opinion of illegal immigration and what should be done with the so called “Dreamers” may vary. You may believe they should be deported or you may believe that they should be allowed a path to a permanent legal status. But your feelings over the matter, and those of Brian Frosh, doesn’t change the fact that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was an unconstitutional program that subverted immigration laws. No administration can legally subvert immigration laws and create new policy out of thin air just because they disagree with that policy. They have a term for those kinds of governments, and it’s not “constitutional republic.”

Just because Brian Frosh has a sad about the reversal of Obama Administration policy does not mean that he should waste taxpayer dollars pursuing his political agendas. Except that he has the (questionably) legal authority to do so because of the Democrats in the General Assembly, in a temper tantrum, elevated Frosh to the fourth branch of government by giving him the independent authority so sue the federal government with no oversight at all, answerable to nobody. All of this, of course, came after the litany of constitutional abuses by the Obama Administration that Frosh and other Maryland Democrats did nothing to stop.

Equally maddening, of course, is the number of different issues that Frosh has chosen not to sue the administration over. No movement on gun issues. No movement on funding for Planned Parenthood. No movement on any other issues where there are real constitutional abuses happening. Instead, Frosh decides to waste taxpayer dollars on this lawsuit over a program that no legal scholar can legitimately argue passes constitutional muster. The appropriate body to decide upon changes to immigration policy is Congress. Congress should pass any immigration reforms that its membership deems necessary, and then send them on to the President for his signature or his veto. We have an entire process that covers how to make laws and how to change laws if elected officials don’t like them. That DACA went into place without facing this most basic scrutiny should be a red flag and should make supporting the President’s decision to rescind the order very easy. But the Brian Frosh’s of the world value politics and optics over the law.

As Attorney General, Brian Frosh has proven himself to be many things. The most prominent thing that Frosh is, of course, is a partisan hack who does the bidding of the Democratic Party with no regard to the merits of their position. But one thing that’s clear from his actions is that Brian Frosh does not believe in the rule of law.

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