Save Our State Flag Petition Friday News Roundup

After last night’s roundup, more has happened in the news regarding our flag petition.

I spoke to The Baltimore Sun regarding the petition:

Brian Griffiths, editor-in-chief of Red Maryland, said the petition was intended as a pre-emptive strike to dissuade lawmakers from considering changes to the state flag. Red Maryland wanted to send a message that amid discussions of monuments and symbols, lawmakers should not go too far.

“It was time to draw a line in the sand,” Griffiths said.

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Additionally, I was on WUSA-TV Channel 9 in Washington today to discuss the petition:

Brian Griffiths, Editor-in-Chief of Red Maryland, explains why he started it.

“Our flag is a symbol of unity, we wanted to make sure that people understood that this symbol of unity was out of bounds for people who were trying to revise some of our history,” he said. 

Griffiths says he is familiar with the flag’s history and it should be celebrated.

“Nobody is trying to hide the history of our flag and I think that particularly in times as divisive as these the fact a flag like ours exists that brought people together after such a horrific conflict during the 1860s, that’s something that we should be celebrating,” he said. 

He goes on to say that in his opinion Jancewicz is making a mountain out of a molehill.

Griffiths counters, “we should not be trying to use it’s origins as a reason for trying to divide people.”

Click here for the full story, or watch the video below.

I also spoke to WTOP this morning as well.

Greg also appeared on WBAL’s Derek Hunter Show with guest host (and Red Maryland alumnus) Andrew Langer to discuss the petition. Click here to listen to the show. Greg appeared at 1:15 PM.

Red Maryland has reached out to all of the Democratic candidates for Governor to see if they are willing to publicly stand up for the flag. So far, the only response we have is from Kevin Kamenetz who will appears unwilling to defend our flag.

That’s right: no Democratic candidates for Governor are willing to pledge to defend our flag.

As more news breaks about our efforts, we’ll let you know.

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