Kirby Delauter Wants to Lose

Two years after his attempt to silence free speech, a month after hiring a fake news creator as his spokesman, and three weeks after joining in the dogpile on John McCain, Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter has done it again.

As first reported at lefty blog The Seventh State, Delauter has now decided to share with us his learned opinions about the Civil War:

Delauter’s hyperbolic comments about a potential Civil War notwithstanding, the real gem of this is where he says “And it wasn’t about race then and it’s not about race now. It’s always been about true freedom.” Because you have to be a abject racist moron to believe that the Civil War was about “true freedom” when the main casus belli; was the retention of slavery in the seceding states. You can look it up. In case Mr. Delauter doesn’t grok what that means, slavery is defined as “An institution or social practice of owning human beings as property, especially for use as forced laborers.” You know, the opposite of “true freedom.”

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Is Kirby Delauter a racist? Hard to say, because I don’t know personally the guy. But Delauter’s comments would be categorically insensitive and galactically stupid in the best of times. But given what’s going on in our country right now, it’s even more idiotic, moronic, and politically suicidal.

So what is Delauter doing with all of this? Is he trying to take over Blaine Young’s role as the “youngest good ‘ol boy in Frederick.” Because if he is he should probably take note of the fact that Blaine Young lost a winnable election in 2014, and then it only went downhill from there. Delauter is seeming to forget that Frederick County is going to have a lot of new voters in 2018, moreso than even 2014. A lot of those voters will have no long-term connections in Frederick County and are not going to be very sympathetic to the nonsense that Delauter was pulling here.

So there’s only one logical conclusion: Kirby Delauter is fed up with politics and trying to lose the election. Because only somebody who was truly attempting to lose would continue to say and do the knuckleheaded (to put it politely) stuff that Delauter has been doing.

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