Have You Seen Us?

An Interview with Maryland’s Most Recognized Overpass Media Pioneers

About once a month, usually on a Friday afternoon, Mosby (alias) and Ed meet at the Gorman Road bridge over the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 in Howard County as they have done for nearly four years. They meet for a mission. Their mission is to spread a message that they feel many people are thinking, but no one in the mainstream media (MSM) is saying. Their messages vary from month to month, but they are generally pro-Trump, anti-MSM, anti-Hillary, or they highlight some other conservative issue that the two “guerilla-media” gurus feel has been neglected, forgotten, or overlooked.

I’ve known Mosby for a couple of years and when he originally told me of what he was doing on the bridge, I had to see it for myself. I was intrigued by the idea of taking a couple hundred dollars in materials and using it to reach an audience in the tens of thousands of motorists. What a return on an investment! I’ve been up on the bridge a few times. Each time I am there to observe, I am shocked at the level of support shown by motorists towards Mosby and Ed via honks, smiles, and waves. Of course, there are the occasional middle-fingers and rude gestures, but not as many as one would imagine in such a blue state.

Mosby and Ed are careful in crafting their messages. They want to ensure that the phrasing is concise, easy to read, and impactful. The signs they use are 4-foot by 8-foot with lettering at least 12 inches high. They try to keep phrases to seven words or less. At the moment, they have about 10 different sign arrays in their collection and rotate them based on what the current news climate is.

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The following is a sampling of signs that have been used in the past 12 months:
TRUMP – Can’t Be Bought
Welcome to Baltimore – Destroyed by the Democratic Party
Left to Die – Remember Benghazi

Based on their experiences with overpass media on the Gorman Road bridge, they’ve adopted functional roles during each session. Mosby usually faces the oncoming traffic and tries to connect with each motorist who positively responds to the signs’ messaging. He does this through a wave, thumbs up, smile, or peace sign. Mosby feels that this connection and direct feedback is important. He doesn’t respond with negative gestures to any motorists, regardless of what gestures they make to him. Ed’s role in the operation is different. He is more low-key, preferring to sit back and pull security. He alerts Mosby with a whistle if pedestrians are crossing the bridge or if motorists crossing Gorman Road bridge slow down or stop. Essentially, Ed watches Mosby’s six – staying wary for threats from unhinged liberals who can’t bear to witness a sign they disagree with.

Recently, I stopped along I-95 North at the Gorman Road bridge to catch up with Mosby and Ed and ask them a few questions. Below are some of their responses:

Charlene: What originally motivated you to come out here?
Ed: The state of the media. It was the censoring of criticism of the Obama Regime and the failure of the GOP to fight back.

Charlene: How long have you been doing this? How did you and Ed get started?
Mosby: Probably since July of 2013. I met Ed at an MD CAN event where he described what he was trying to do and I signed on to help him. I consider myself Ed’s assistant in this.

Charlene: What’s the estimated car count? How many motorists do you think you reach in a typical 3-4 hour session?
Mosby: We usually try to get the Friday rush hour traffic flowing out of DC. There are many variables in the car count. If you assume 2 occupants per car, in average traffic flow across all four lanes, the audience can reach up to 30,000 – 45,000.
(Charlene’s Note: Generally, Mosby counts the numbers of cars per minute, multiples that by 2 occupants, then multiplies that by 60 minutes to get an estimated audience count per hour. This particular instance I was with them, the car count we figured came out to just shy of 30,000 in the 3 hour time period.)

Charlene: Why did you pick this location?
Ed: This reaches an audience that’s unique. It’s the American liberal elite migrating out of DC. These signs offend them because they’ve been living this lie for decades. It’s their bread and butter. They’ll do anything to keep the lie going.

Charlene: Have you ever done this sort of thing in any other area?
Mosby: We’ve gone out to Kent Island, along Route 50 on the way to Ocean City. We’ve also gone to rallies in Richmond several times. We’ve done signs to help oust Eric Cantor down there.

Charlene: Have the police ever come to ask you to take down the signs?
Mosby: The Howard County Police and the Laurel Police have come by. They’ve asked us to take down the signs because they claimed it was disrupting traffic, but it wasn’t. The State Highway Administration has come multiple times. There’s no legal grounds for making us take down our signs as long as we’re not permanently attaching them to the overpass or causing any damage to the bridge. It’s our free speech right.
Ed: Mostly the police leave it alone now.

Charlene: Has anyone else come to try to stop you?
Mosby: Ed had someone try to tear banners down. It was a near fist fight.
Ed: Sometimes people come up threatening and trying to tear down the signs. It’s happened about 6-8 times. The Chairman of the Democratic Party in Baltimore was driving by, doubled back, and came up to confront us. Once, just before the election, we had a drone monitoring us overhead for a while. Another time, someone called the cops 13 times in one hour saying that we had threatening signs up that said “kill all liberals.” Of course, that wasn’t true. We don’t use any threatening words, curse words, or bad words on our signs.

Charlene: How do you know when a sign is having a strong impact?
Ed: When people call the cops to take them down.

Charlene: Which signs do you think have made the strongest impact?
Ed: On January 20th, just before the inauguration, we had a huge picture of Obama up on the bridge with a sign that said “The nightmare is over.” Everyone loved it, but some motorist called the cops and said it was racist.

Charlene: What’s your fondest memory in coming out here with overpass media?
Ed: One Friday we had our Benghazi banners up. They listed the names of the four people killed. A woman who saw the signs came around up on the bridge to thank us. It turns out she was a close personal friend of one of the families.

Charlene: What other positive responses have you received?
Mosby: Actually, we’ve developed sort of a following from the people in the area. Sometimes people passing behind us over the bridge will stop and ask what our signs say this time. Or they’ll say “good to see you again.”

Charlene: Is it just you and Ed? Who else has assisted with these overpass media efforts?
Ed: A few other people have come out to help before. Usually it’s just us two consistently.

Charlene: Has the media ever stopped by and interviewed you?
Ed: No, regular media will never interview us because they can’t spin it and our banners can’t be manipulated which is what they’re looking for. The liberal media is all lies all the time. Once a foreign media crew came by to ask us questions. They were doing election coverage here in the US. I’m not sure if anything ever came of that.

Charlene: You have Baltimore-related signs up today with the most recent murder count. Has the Baltimore Sun ever tried to contact you?
Ed: No, the Baltimore Sun hasn’t covered it.


Inspired by Ed and Mosby back in February 2016, I talked the Baltimore City Central Committee into paying $200 for signs to display over I-83. Previously, our Central Committee had been discussing the purchase of a billboard in Baltimore for messaging. The billboard plan had trouble getting off the ground due to city billboard owners’ refusal to support a conservative message. After seeing what Ed and Mosby had done on I-95, I figured we could reach just as much motorists as a billboard for pennies on the dollar. We did three overpass media sessions on the Wyman Park Drive bridge over the northbound lanes of I-83, just south of Hampden in the early months of 2016. We estimate that we reached about 17,000 motorists each time. During our first attempt, the response was general shock by motorists. They didn’t really know how to respond. During the two subsequent attempts, there was much more positive response. We received several hundred positive honks, and lost count of the number of waves and thumbs up.

Our signs said:
Baltimore’s New Hope: Republicans

Did our signs in Baltimore City have an effect on vote tallies in 2016? Probably not, but hopefully they reminded voters in the city that we’re still here. City Republicans haven’t given up on Baltimore just yet.

In Ed and Mosby’s case, their provocative signs are a reminder to all passing motorists that there are other viewpoints purposely ignored or shut out by the media. The liberal media may choose to ignore Ed and Mosby’s signs and the views they present, but motorists can’t help but look. Next time you see Ed and Mosby, or any other conservative employing guerilla-media tactics over the highway, make sure you lay on that horn, and at least give a thumbs up. They’ll wave back.

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