Post-Delaney Intrigue in the 6th Congressional District

Now that John Delaney is leaving Congress in order to run for President, we must move our attention toward what happens next in the 6th District. Names on the Republican side are sure to start being more forthcoming with their intentions now that we know that it will be an open seat contest. As I wrote in April we need a real candidate in 2018, something even more important with Delaney’s departure.

Other candidates who have run for Congress before, including Frank Howard and Delegate David Vogt, may also consider running. Two candidates in 2016 we know will not be running; Washington County Commission Terry Baker is expected to run for re-election, while Robin Ficker is running for Montgomery County Executive.

Time will tell which Republicans will enter the race, but this is already shaping up to be a fascinating and competitive primary. Stay tuned to Red Maryland for more coverage of the 6th District primary, as this will again be one of the top races to watch.

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