The Numbers Don’t Lie, but Democrats Do

Earlier this week we talked about the Democrats attempts to attack Governor Larry Hogan on jobs data. It would be helpful if we took a look at the actual raw data that’s been put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Maryland has seen a 3.519% increase in non-farm jobs during Governor Hogan’s tenure. Virginia during the same period has seen an increase of 3.586%, a statistically insignificant difference.
  • Maryland has added 93,300 jobs since Governor Hogan Maryland took office. During Martin O’Malley’s eight years in office, Maryland only added 36,800 jobs. That’s two-and-a-half times more new jobs in Maryland during Hogan’s two-and-half years in office compared to O’Malley’s eight.
  • During this point in Martin O’Malley’s term, Maryland had seen over 75,000 jobs lost. Not gained. Lost.
  • Of the new jobs in Maryland during Governor Hogan’s term, nearly 83,000 have been in the private sector. Martin O’Malley, during his eight years, saw less than 12,000 new private sector jobs.

And those raw numbers say nothing of the fact that Maryland has the second lowest rate of unemployment in the region (4.2%, it was 5.5% during the O’Malley years) or the fact that there has been an across the board increase in weekly wages since the Governor took office.

So what to make of all of this? Well, it follows three distinct trends that Maryland Democrats have been following. One, it shows how Democrats in Maryland have been attempting to create false narratives surrounding job numbers for years. Sure, this was not nearly as egregious as it was in the O’Malley years, but it is part of a clear and distinctive pattern. Two, it shows the level of desperation that Maryland Democrats continue to have when it comes to their attempts to run against Governor Hogan next year. Lastly, it continues to remind us that the Maryland Democratic Party has absolutely no idea how they got into this situation in the first place and, ergo, no idea how they are going to get out.

As you would expect, the numbers don’t lie, but in this case Maryland Democrats do.

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