“Maryland for Trump” Teams with Democrats to attack Governor Hogan

A Facebook page entitled “Maryland for Trump” has teamed up with the Maryland Democratic Party to attack Governor Larry Hogan.

Yesterday the page posted this graphic:

Now, of course, there are a few problems with this graphic. One is the idea that President Trump “created” jobs. Any decent economist and most conservatives understand that no one person “creates” jobs. This language is the kind of language used by folks who want the government to intervene more in the economy, not less.

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Of course, the first thing I thought of when I saw this post was….

But what’s more troubling is the fact that these “Maryland for Trump” folks decided to join with the Maryland Democratic Party in baseless and discredited attacks against Governor Hogan.

But it gets better from there. You’re never supposed to read the comments. But…..


What you see there is a very…..interesting dynamic. You have people who refuse to vote for the Governor. You have people who are content to let a Democrat win in 2018. You’ve got people calling for “Truuuue Conservatives”. You have also accusations that Maryland for Trump is deleting comments, which is all the more relevant when you notice the multiple racist comments directed towards First Lady Yumi Hogan contained in the post.

It’s hard to figure out who is actually running the Maryland for Trump page. There are no identifying markers on there. No contact information listed, beyond President Trump’s campaign website.  But I’ve got a few questions for whoever is in charge of this page and posted that graphic:

  • Who are you? Who is administering the page?
  • What is the point of attacking Governor Hogan?
  • Why is your attack on Governor Hogan parroting Democratic talking points?
  • If you “support Governor Hogan” as you claim to, why are you attacking him in the first place?
  • Some page users allege that you are deleting comments; are you?
  • If you are deleting comments, why have you not deleted racist comments directed at the First Lady?

We obviously have more questions than answers right now. But the fact that a “Maryland for Trump” page ostensibly administered by Republicans has joined up with the Democrats to attack Governor Hogan is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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