Follow-Up: More Concerns Over YR Convention White House Visit

Yesterday we wrote about the controversy over a White House visit organized by Maryland National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose related to the Young Republican National Convention being held in Annapolis. The controversy over the event seems to be just beginning.

Sources tell Red Maryland that Ambrose considers the tour a “gift” from herself and from National Committeeman David Bossie to the YR Convention, even though Ambrose is vetting the list to determine which YR’s actually get to attend the tour.

The source also notes dissension between Nicolee and Delegate Joe Cluster, who is actually in charge of the YR Convention:

“(Nicolee) told Joe Cluster that this is a “gift” from the National Committeeman and the National Committeewoman…that she would handle all of the logistics and details for the tours…there is no money in the budget to pay for transportation or food but she said she would get sponsors for it…Joe doesn’t want to get left holding the bag for this (he and Mike Pantelides are legally responsible for the convention) and he doesn’t trust her.”

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In order to cover the cost of transportation for the trip, which was added at the last minute, Ambrose is charging $20 per person (despite the trip being a “gift) for people who make it through the “vetting” process. Additionally, one of the tours has already been cancelled as it is no longer listed on Ambrose’s RSVP website.

I reached out to Delegate Cluster for comment and downplays the rift between him and Ambrose, and he had this to say:

Brian, someone has obviously given you access to an internal email or let you in on what it said, but the context is all wrong. The purpose of my email was to say we shouldn’t announce or proceed with anything until after we have a funding source. My name and the Mayors name is associated with the organization and we will be responsible for the bills. Nicolee said she would handle the funding source and there would be no lunch which made the event a lot cheaper. That is why there is a registration fee for the trip to cover the buses. There is no trust issue only an issue of making sure we have funds before we proceed. We are still trying to raise a few extra bucks just to make some of our events a little better and I didn’t want to do something without knowing we could afford it.

Ambrose has not responded to the questions we asked yesterday, nor has she responded to allegations that she has set up this event as part of plan to assist Kory Boone with his campaign for YR National Chairman or allegations that she is trying to build up her email and contact list by using her personal website to collect  contact information.

Meanwhile some of the people who *have* been approved to attend the White House event aren’t happy, either. Multiple attendees of the White House event have indicated that Ambrose gave the RSVP list to Boone who is now calling the list claiming he can set up White House meetings for tour attendees. Several of the attendees have indicated that have been off put and offended by Boone’s efforts.

Boone’s opponent, YRNF Secretary Jason Emert of Louisiana, declined to comment for this story.

Other YR’s from around the country have begun to weigh in on this controversy, including one of Boone’s own ticket mates, Chris Arndt of Michigan:

“While the Young Republicans have always held the potential to serve a unique and useful role in the overall Republican cause by and large the national federation has spent a lot of time recently searching for that purpose and emerging with mixed signals as to why they exist as a group….”

“Leaving aside only for a moment that the national face usually resembles your average older Republican, the general behavior of many of the members of the organization when it comes time to select the national faces just doesn’t escape that of squabbling over who gets to sit at the head of the kids’ table….”

“Leading Young Republican organizations comes with unique challenges that tend to make it far more difficult than any other sort of Republican club, in part because of the narrower focus and the general demand on time of young professionals in general. But the end motivation of every Republican organization is to help elect Republicans. I can say my county YR club did that… I can’t always say that a Republican lost his election for the lack of a YRNF”

Jim Fossel, National Committeeman for the Maine Young Republicans, also weighed in:

“I don’t know about Maryland, but in Maine our RNC delegation is committed to getting us the resources we need to win. You’d think with all the obstructionist Democrats fighting Governor Hogan at every turn that the Maryland National Committeewoman would have bigger things to worry about in Annapolis.”

Ambrose and Boone are both coming under fire from the Trump supporters  for their Johnny-come-lately attitude to supporting President Trump. A source who was a member of the Trump campaign contacted Red Maryland who was absolutely furious that Ambrose and Boone were behaving this way in regards to support for the Present and was extremely blunt in their thoughts:

Nicolee and Kory are really trying to play up this Pro-Trump thing, with both being tremendously anti-Trump. It’s a fucking con.

At the RNC Convention and Miss Ambrose attempting to suspend the rules – lying that it was just so we could “discuss the rules. She was signed up the floor nomination bandwagon that was pushing for there to be a nomination from the floor for a new nominee.

We are all entitled to that opinion. Just be fucking consistent. It’s your right. Don’t go hide it to try to “stay relevant”

Nicolee and Kory are con-artists and should be honest about their feelings and NOT attempt to lie to Trump supporting YRs just to grab power to oppose POTUS. Clearly – one side is at least honest in their opposition, while the other are wolfs in sheep clothing.

Forget Trump for a second – which I think it’s relevant to see the power behind Kory is and has always been aggressively Never-Trump….this guy has done absolutely ZERO for the YRs here in MD. Zero. Not one accomplishment except run around and take selfies.

We had written about Ambrose’s convention activities at the time. The source also provided screen shots to back up their claims of Ambrose’s activity as it relates to the Never Trump movement at the convention.

We’ll continue to track the story as we get closer to next week’s YRNF Convention.

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