Delauter joins in attacks on John McCain

A week after bringing on board a fake news creator as his campaign spokesman, Kirby Delauter’s own words are getting him in trouble.

On his Facebook page, Kirby Delauter has joined the list of many who have been attacking Senator John McCain in the wake of his cancer diagnosis.

Click on the link and you’ll find an entire series of comments attacking Senator McCain in the wake of his cancer diagnosis. While some people point out (correctly) that Senator McCain is entitled to a certain level of health care as a military retiree, Delauter and some of his friends found McCain’s cancer diagnosis to be a good time to score political points as it relates to the VA Hospital crisis. While nobody will argue that the crisis in VA hospitals is appalling and needs to be corrected, it’s hard to understand why this is the time and place to make that stand.

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Once again, Kirby Delauter is showing that his judgment remains questionable. It’s hard to see what benefit there is in attacking a war hero, even if you do have a political disagreement with them. If this is the kind of campaign that Delauter intends on running, Republican voters in Frederick County better be prepared for one ugly primary season.


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