Delauter Hired Fake News Creator as Spokesman

In January we talked about Cam Harris, a former staffer for Delegate David Vogt and consultant for the Change Annapolis PAC, who Harris was exposed as being behind a fake news site that was active during last year’s Presidential year election. Harris was swiftly and justifiably fired by both Delegate Vogt and Change Annapolis for his involvement in this mess.

At the time, I wrote:

However many donors and activists would have an issue with the involvement of Cam Harris in the organization after the fake news revelations. Harris’s continued involvement would create a credibility gap for any information, mailer, commercial, or other material coming from Change Annapolis and it would undermine the mission of the organization and the candidates it would support. Given the fact that it is predominately the left-wing in Maryland that is spreading fake news, this is a distraction that conservatives do not need.

As I noted above, Change Annapolis quickly dismissed Harris. However, Harris has gotten back in the game pretty quickly after his involvement in this scandal, as the Frederick News-Post told us yesterday:

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Cameron Harris, who worked as a legislative aide in Annapolis last year before being fired for his involvement in a fake news website, gave additional details about the poll as a spokesman for Delauter’s campaign.

It’s bizarre to see a candidate for County Executive in a competitive county hire somebody with this kind of baggage to be anywhere near their campaign, much less as his campaign spokesman. I noted above about how having Harris involved with Change Annapolis would be a “distraction that conservatives do not need.” That’s inside baseball stuff compared to having a candidate, who already has his own questionable history with dealing with information and the public, hiring a fake news creator to be the face of his campaign. That Harris was out there to spin a push poll, itself often a murky exercise in fake news, is surreal. In many instances, the person selected for campaign spokesperson may be the person selected to be the county spokesperson. It’s hard to imagine that the voters of Frederick County would want to think that they are being lied to be a County Executive and his administration before he even took office. And that would likely translate to voters skipping the race or throwing their lot in with the ethically challenged incumbent.

There’s opportunity in adversity, however. Kirby Delauter has the opportunity to make the morally correct choice in disassociating his campaign from Cam Harris, and replacing him with somebody without the baggage and with a less casual relationship with the truth. Delauter has the opportunity to show to voters that he will run an honest, open, and ethical administration. Let’s see if he takes advantage of it.


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